June 07, 2006

Bays Principal Arrested Again

In the psychology world they call it recidivism – repeating bad behavior over again. In the police world, they might call it a crime. In Frank Vetro's world, it's called another criminal charge against him.

Vetro, the Hampton Bays High School principal who was arrested last winter for allegedly making obscene phone calls to seven woman, was picked up last week, and charged with second degree criminal contempt. Prosecutors say he violated an order of protection one of the victims had in place.

The community rocked with the news of Vetro's arrest in February. Victims claimed that over the course of 11 months the 34-year-old educator made numerous telephone calls to them, calls marked by disturbing comments of a sexual nature. Complainants include a former student from his last post at Newfield High School in Selden, as well as teachers from the school and female employees at stores specializing in women's clothes and shoes. Soon after that arrest, Vetro was removed from his administrative position by the Hampton Bays school superiors. He pleaded not guilty to seven counts of aggravated harassment last February.

According to the criminal complaint filed this week, Vetro pulled into the Coram driveway of one of the alleged victims and told her to drop the charges against him. "I have 37 letters to mail out to ruin you," he allegedly threatened. Arraigned on Friday, Vetro plead not guilty to one count of second degree criminal contempt.

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    It's nonsense
    December 12, 2015 | 07:50 AM

    Hi Mr. Murphy. I have even more information that will soon be released in the new edition of my book "Standing on Principal", which is being published by a traditional publisher. These articles are complete lies and I would appreciate it if they could be removed. I am willing to prove what I say as I do not expect you to blindly listen to me before removing your articles. Thank you and I hope all is well

    Frank Vetro
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