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May 31, 2006

Changing Of The Guard

For years, Greenport residents with questions have been welcomed at Village Hall by the expertise of Clerk-Treasurer Christie Hallock, who has fielded inquiries with warmth and friendliness and imbued her position with an innate grace.

And so, the mood was bittersweet when Mayor David Kapell called a special meeting of the village board on May 23 to accept Hallock's letter of intent to retire, effective August 1.

"She has put a welcoming and flattering human face on village government," said the mayor.

Hallock, who explained that she is retiring due to "health issues," said of her time in village government, "I've enjoyed every minute of it."

But after 30 years spent serving the village, including five in the school system and the past eight in her current position, Hallock is ready to pass the baton to her daughter, Sara, who will begin her new career as deputy village clerk-treasurer trainee on June 12 and will take the helm on August 1, at an annual salary of $55,000.

"That Sara follows in her mother's footsteps is a windfall for the community in that it will ensure a fluid continuation of the high standards Christie has brought to village government," said Kapell.

Hallock said she is looking forward to spending time with her family, especially her children and grandchildren, who were present at the meeting. "They grow up so quickly," she said. Hallock also plans to travel with her husband after his retirement next year.

But, even after her daughter's training period, Hallock assures that she will be just a phone call away.

The mayor presented Hallock with red roses and a bouquet of good wishes. "I speak for Greenport in wishing her godspeed in her battle for good health and great happiness in the time she will now be able to devote to her family."

Other key personnel changes announced at the meeting included a motion to appoint Steve Brautigam to the position of Village Clerk Treasurer/Director of Utilities, effective August 2, at a salary of $104,000.

Brautigam, currently the director of utilities for the village, has served Greenport for 18 years. Kapell pointed out that when he took office in 1994, five individuals were performing functions that will now be merged into Brautigam's new title. At the time, there was a full-time village clerk, village treasurer, superintendent of utilities, and two assistant superintendents.

The mayor assured that the personnel changes authorized, as well as those involving salary increases voted upon at the last village board meeting, "are budgetarily neutral and will have no impact on the village tax or utility rates, now or in the future, except to keep them low."

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