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May 31, 2006

Kids Reel

I'm down in Melbourne visiting my Florida grandparents with my mom this weekend. My older sister, with my nieces and nephew and their dad, are coming down tomorrow. So, things are hectic, but†I'm glad†that I was able to see a really neat movie down here that I highly recommend. The film is Goal: The Dream Begins, which is a Rocky-style movie — cheer for the underdog — about a Los Angeles†Mexican laborer who plays soccer as a hobby. He gets lucky and wins a tryout to play on the pro circuit. It is an uphill battle. The film is fun, inspiring and well done. If you like soccer, like underdogs who make it, you'll really like this movie, which we give 3 soccer balls.

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Granny and Grampa underdog film pics:

1. Rocky

2. Jim Thorpe All American

3. The Jackie Robinson Story

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