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May 24, 2006

Riverhead Town Purchases Riverhead Town Purchases Calverton Development Rights

Supervisor Phil Cardinale announced that the development rights for 18 acres were purchased by the Town of Riverhead last week. The land, currently in production of potatoes, is owned by Daniel G. Donahue, Jr. and is located on the north and south sides of Riley Avenue, east of Edwards Avenue in Calverton.

"The town has been eager to purchase the development rights to Mr. Donahue's parcel for some time," said Cardinale. "This purchase will preserve the rural character and help to limit the amount of development in the Calverton area."

The property was identified by the Farmland Select Committee and the purchase was approved by the town board on January 3, 2006. The purchase price was $70,000 per acre for a total price of $1,270,990.

The Fate Of Fido

Area resident Connie Farr came before the town board at last week's work session to plead the case of an unnamed, six-month-old pit bull pup that is being held at the Kent Animal Shelter in solitary confinement.

The pooch, whose fate is hanging in the balance, was brought to the shelter after its owner sought treatment after being scratched by the puppy.

The problem is that, although, according to Farr, the dog never actually bit anyone, Town Attorney Dawn Thomas said there is now a written record in the Suffolk County health department of the dog as a "bite dog." A second report additionally claimed that the puppy had "aggressive tendencies."

Because of liability issues, said Thomas, the town is not allowed to place any dog for adoption if it has such a paper trail. "I don't care if it's fluffy, cute, or nice," said Thomas, a self-professed dog lover. "You might as well open your checkbook, because the Town of Riverhead will be a defendant if the dog bites again."

Cardinale suggested Farr go back to the owner, the health department, and the shelter to get the written reports changed so that Fido might have a fighting chance at adoption.

The pup's plight has captured the public's attention: The supervisor said he had even received written missives from Mark Houraney, pleading for him to "take care of the puppy" and begging for an appeal.

Cell Tower For Grumman?

Representatives from East End Wireless met with the board last Thursday to discuss a proposal for a telecommunications tower at Grumman Memorial Park.

The proposal calls for a flagpole that would be placed on the F-14 Memorial site on Middle Country Road in Calverton.

Following the issuance of a building permit, East End would pay a monthly rental payment of 40% of the gross revenue. In addition, East End would pay the town of Riverhead a one-time licensing fee of $100,000.

The tower, they added, would be approximately 12 to 130 feet tall. The footprint, at its largest point, would be 2500 square feet.

There are currently five licensed carriers, including Verizon, Cingular, Nextel, T- Mobile, and Sprint.

The board agreed to consider the proposal and arrange a site visit with East End Wireless so that further information can be gathered.

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