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May 24, 2006

Cops Show Their Stuff . . .

. . . and they've got plenty of it. To celebrate Police Week, area police hosted an open house at Herrick Park in East Hampton Village on Saturday.

Oodles of enforcement accoutrement were on display. From the Marine Patrol's boat to badges, and even a bomb, kids got an up- close and personal view of the panoply of equipment police use. Representatives from East Hampton Village Police Department, East Hampton Town PD, and even the Suffolk County Highway Patrol were among those on hand.

Village cops took "mug shots" of tykes, showed how fingerprinting works, and distributed educational literature and goodies like DARE pencils, balloons, and stickers. Shiny motorcycles, a quad and even the bike patrol's special rig were exhibited. Town cops showed off critical incident gear and checked visitors' child safety seats. Those that weren't offering proper security were replaced for free. Out in the field, officers detonated a "flash bang," which is used to smoke out perps during hostage situations.

Officer Kurt Bahnke of the Suffolk County Highway Patrol manned the "rollover simulator," a modified Chevy S-10 pickup that hosts adult and toddler-sized dummies for the demo. When the simulator is activated, the cab of the truck looks like it's on a rotisserie, twirling as the "driver" and "passenger" are flung about replicating what would happen at just 25 mph. Without seatbelts, the baby is completely ejected from the truck at the first rotation and the driver, according to Bahnke "probably ends up with a broken neck at least."

Police Week was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962.


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