May 24, 2006

Southampton Sustaining Affordability Of Homes In PDD

The Southampton Town Board was expected yesterday to adopt changes to the North Sea Mixed-Use Planned Development District that would extend the affordability of the district's proposed moderate and middle-income units.

The PDD is comprised of two parcels totaling 17.7 acres of land on the east side of Majors Path. A nine-acre parcel will be allotted to the Southampton School District for the construction of school facilities for Pre-K through first grade students. The zoning also permits up to 50 owner-occupied townhouses, including more than a dozen moderate and middle-income units.

The town wants to impose an Affordability Restrictive Covenant to all "Community Benefit Units," within the PDD which will keep the homes affordable as long as legally possible, replacing the 10-year expiration date currently in place. Homeowners will still enjoy some appreciation on their investment when the house is resold, even after half of that equity goes back to the town. The covenant would transfer each time the home is sold.

Also yesterday, the town board was scheduled to adopt a resolution increasing fines for those who violate the shellfish ordinance, following a public hearing.

If adopted, the amended law would increase the fines for first time offenders from a maximum of $100 to a maximum of $350, and prison time from no more than 10 to 15 days. Those who have prior offenses on their record would see the fines increased from a maximum of $250 to $500. Third time offenders would pay up to $750. Separate offenses will accrue for each day the violation continues.

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