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May 24, 2006

Seniors, Students Twist & Shout

"See that boy? He Lindyied with me!" exclaimed prom attendee Catherine O'Sullivan. She was one of dozens of local senior citizens treated to a Mardi Gras–themed senior prom at the American Legion in Amagansett last Friday afternoon. New Orleans-style beads and masks and tablescapes sparkled in the legion, with individual pots of flowers for each guest to take home adding to the festive decor.

The annual event brings together local teens and seniors for intergenerational fun and bonding. Students from the East Hampton Town Youth Council and the East Hampton High School Human Relations Club planned the event themselves, decorated the "ballroom," served lunch, sang "Twist & Shout," and danced with older citizens. "They're sensational" O'Sullivan enthused, "The joy they bring to people!"

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