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May 24, 2006

The Season Is Upon Us

Welcome to The Independent's Memorial Day weekend edition, our biggest issue ever. As we have every year, we continue to add new features and expanded coverage to our newspaper.

This season old favorite Samdup Thockmay returns, this time with a poignant "Thought For The Day" column guaranteed to provide insight and provoke thought and feeling; Mariah Quinn, who takes over as associate editor beginning this week, will pen "A Day In The Life," a feature about unique local people, what they do, and how they do it. This week, a daredevil skydiver takes center stage!

Our "What's On Your Mind" feature, already a hot item in The Traveler Watchman, will be expanded to include the South Fork beginning this season. Our own Karen Fredericks will unveil a new year-round column, about blogging, aptly titled "Bla Bla Blog" about the hottest craze on the Internet — and you can win your very own customized blog so check it out. The Part-Tay is in full swing beginning this weekend and Veronica and Jameson, two local lasses, will be on the scene, giving us all the skinny in their "Hamptons Daze" column.

Returning columns include "Night Moves," "Sweet Charities," Kandy and Spades with "Whispers" — everyone's favorite gossip column — and complete East End restaurant coverage including our dining guide, reviews, recipes, and much more.

We'll feature expanded coverage of the arts, including gallery and theater reviews.

Check out our Hamptons Homes supplement, packed with goodies including an interview with Peter Cook, the hottest architect around.

Also make sure to read our award winning Arts and Entertainment section, helmed by editor Amy Patton, with no fewer than six award-winning features and columns and an exclusive interview with the great songwriter Burt Bacharach.

The Independent welcomes our own C-Lo, Carey London, to the post of editor and bids Poetess in Motion Lisa Cowley a fond adieu. We also welcome back Sarah Singer, Erin Harris, and Andrew Lenoir to our writing staff.

We are exceptionally proud of our standing in the community. We don't shy away from the tough stories, we're not afraid to take a stand, and we don't take ourselves so serious as to lose sight of the fact the paper exists to inform, please, and entertain you, our readers.

There will be more color, more news, more laughs, and more photos than ever before. Best of all, it's all free. Pick us up every week — you'll like what you read. And when you can't be here to grab an Independent at any one of our almost 600 distribution points, go to www.indyeastend.com where you can read every single page, and see every picture and ad — a claim no other local newspaper can make.

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