May 24, 2006

Kids Reel

Even though Keeping up with the Steins managed to get "two thumbs up" from famous critics, I think it was just okay; and I was interested in the subject matter. It's about Bar Mitzvahs and families competing with each other to have the biggest, the best, the most expensive celebrations for their sons. (The battle of the wallets . . . sound familiar? I understand invitations are circulating in town for a sweet 16 party at which invitees need a boarding pass to get on the yacht!)

It is a low budget film and looks like one. There are dialogue gaps, not a great script. I did enjoy Director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) in an acting role. Likewise Jamie Gertz. I thought only a few jokes were funny in a movie that tried very hard to be funny. Having said that, the theater was sold out, and it seemed to be a captive audience. I hate to ask how this film will do in the heartland and the Bible Belt.

We give it a weak two tennis balls.

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