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May 24, 2006

Hamptons Daze

The Housewarming Party

Memorial Day weekend has arrived. It's the start of the summer season. Who wouldn't want to start it off with a housewarming party? We are East Hampton girls born and raised, named Veronica and Jameson, who now reside in the fabulous Hampton Bays. New home, new bars, new BOYS! The summer should prove to be interesting. The housewarming shindig had all the party essentials, like party mix and lots of alcohol. There were plenty of activities, such as beer pong, flip cup, SPIN THE BOTTLE. One may think that spin the bottle is only fun when you're 12.

Think again. We're bringing it back. If you think about it, what's not fun about playing spin the bottle? You get to kiss people. Kissing is fun. You're most likely drunk while your doing it. And hey, it's a great way to meet new people. Time to get the infamous words of Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns ("Seems it's in fashion to need the cold sore creeeeam") out of your head because there's nothing better than some good old fashioned kissing fun!

I, Veronica, am a big kissing fan. Even if all the boys I kiss fall in love with me instantaneously, it's still worth it. What I don't like is when my first spin goes directly to my ex-boyfriend. Now, I myself may be in a compromising state of drunkenness, but not nearly the state that he's in right now. The bottle spins, everyone laughs. "NO WAY I'M KISSING YOU," I yell. I grab him and go for the cheek, he goes for the lips . . . oh the awkwardness. Lucky for me he doesn't remember a thing.

After that spin, it's just my luck that I will only spin girls. Turns out guys really like it when girls kiss girls. Who would have thought? Finally I spin a cute guy but when we get to talking he believes that one of the other "players" is my boyfriend because of the chemistry we had while playing. Spin the bottle chemistry? Boys are crazy. How 'bout them apples?

While spin the bottle is in full swing in the living room, Jameson finds herself in an interesting situation of her own. After doing a couple of shots from the housewarming gift from her ex-boyfriend-turned-buddy and a few other friends, her friend Jackson brings up the fact that she and her ex used to date. They all laugh about it and then when the ex departs for the bathroom, Jackson bets Jameson $20 that she can't get the ex to try and kiss her. Always up for a challenge, she agrees to the bet and the game is on. A few drinks later and now with a heavy buzz on, Jameson lures the ex into her room. She lets her ex in on the bet and they decide to win it together and split the prize money. Hey, $10 is a lot of money when you think about the gas prices nowadays. The ex runs out of the room with Jameson on piggyback. Jameson hops off and the ex proceeds to lean in for the "money" shot. As they start making out in front of a room full of intoxicated guests, it starts to sound more like a sporting event than a make out session in there — hoots, hollers, and a tremendous round of applause — cause everyone at the house scrambles into the room to see what all the commotion is about. Jackson appears in the doorway just as they finish the kiss and the only word that comes out of his mouth is "dammit!!" 

"Fork it over, Jackson," Jameson says, turns, and winks at the ex.

The party was a huge success and a great way to start the summer. The Boardy Barn (aka heaven on earth) opens this week so tales of that adventure to come . . . stay tuned. Also, if anyone from the Boardy Barn staff is reading this and wants to call the Independent and let us know that, because of this plug, we no longer have to wait on line . . . that would be great! HAPPY DAYS IN HAMPTON BAYS!

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