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May 17, 2006

Next Stop For Montauk Sharks . . . San Diego!

The Montauk Rugby Football Club qualified for the Final Four for the second consecutive season after winning both of its games at the National Sweet 16 last weekend in a tournament held in South Carolina.

The Sharks, the top-ranked team in the Northeast Division and fall 2005 Metro Union Division II champions, disposed of an elite #2 ranked Provo team from the Pacific Division 26-10 on Saturday before taking a bite out of South Division Daytona (ranked #2 in its division) on Sunday by a score of 29-10.

Those two wins vaulted Montauk into the finals in San Diego, which takes place on June 3 and 4. The Sharks will have a tough battle ahead of them as they face the #1 Southern California Division squad Santa Barbara on June 3.

The winner of that game advances to the finals on June 4 to play the winner of the Red Mountain (#1 Pacific Division team)/ Pearl City (#1 Midwest Division team).

The Sharks (12-2 overall) defeated Providence Rhode Island 75-0 in the finals of the Northeast Division II Championship at East Hampton's Herrick Park earlier this season.

Now, Montauk will attempt to win its first ever National Championship with some talented players, including Garth Wakeford, John Glennon, Gordon Trotter, Rob Balnis, Ricardo Salmeron, Chris Carney, Andy Reilly, Jay Short, Paul Cleary, Ron Jensen, Nick Finazzo, Ryan Borowsky, Justin Reed, Elliot Mcleren and Mike Jablonski.

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