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May 10, 2006

Indy Almanac

April 2006

The warmest day in April was the 20th, when the mercury reached 74 degrees. On the 15th it reached 70. The balance of the days were in the 50s, 60s, and 40s. The coldest temperature was 29 on the 7th and the 10th. It was in the 30s on 13 other nights. Cool for April, yes, but far from a record-breaker.

There was a light frost on the morning of the 29th. Long-time records show our last killing frost is often on the 27th. Many years ago there was a killing frost on July 10!

After the very dry month of March, we at last received much-needed rains on nine days in April, with the greatest one-day amount of 1.56" on the 23rd. The total for the month was 3.09." The long-term average for the month of April is 4.53." As of April 30, this area is over five inches short of our normal average rainfall to date. No snow fell in April.

The wind direction during April varied greatly. The highest number of days from one direction was 11 from the southwest. Recorded were six clear, 10 partly cloudy, and 14 cloudy days.

May, June, and July usually give us less than four inches of rain each month. What will we receive this year now that the warming trend has started?

Winds, temperatures, and rainfall need careful watching this year — right up until our fall season. Global warming is having a greater effect on our weather than expected!

May your lawns be green, your flowers prettier, and may it never rain on your party. Now that's what I wish! I hope your wish also comes true!


U.S. Cooperative Weather Observer


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