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May 10, 2006

Orient Point Sessions: The Players

Orient Point Sessions: The Players

Scott Tweedie

"He always plays the right thing, the right note...just the sound and tone that he can generate from his trumpet and his wawa pedal and the different effects. His spirit shines through in everything he does. He's a very intuitive player."

— Mark Yodice

Scot Gropper

"Scot Gropper is fiery, he has a lot of bravado, yet at the same time, he's never really rude. He's always respectful of other players, but he's always ready to charge out of the gate."

— Mark Rios

Mark Rios

"He is one of the most versatile musicians I've seen. To play with him is a total honor. He's so adaptive. He has great taste and a wonderful ear."

— Scot Gropper

Mark Yodice

"He has an original way of applying the more intellectual side of music in a free way. Whereas a lot of other musicians who have achieved certain levels of musicianship, or training, find it below them to just jam on a one chord thing, he's open to put his effort into anything. Even though he may be the most intelligent musician, he plays with us and not over us."

— Mark Rios

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