May 10, 2006

Kids Reel

So many of my teachers at the Middle School have mentioned how hard it might be to grow up in these times of terrorism attacks at our door, to have known about, studied and viewed on TV the 9/11 massacres on our nation. That's why I really recommend United 93 to kids and other traumatized folks of all ages. The movie does not try to play games with our emotions or head. To me it tells of a collection of people doomed on a plane who, when they understand they are going to die, find the bravery and courage within themselves to take charge, fight back, in a selfless way to save further bloodshed. It is an amazing thing they chose to do and the film tells their story so very well. If there were things inside you that you didn't know were really bothering you, this terrible and awesome film helps sort things out. All the tennis balls in the world for the heroes of the movie.


Grandma and Grandpa film old pick:

1. The Pawnbroker

2. Indochine

3. The Last Metro

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