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May 03, 2006

School Days

Morriss Center School

The students were entertained at an assembly by the Hudson Vagabond Puppets. It had a funny plot, lots of monkey antics, audience participation, and folk melodies including the Mexican Clapping Dance and Mexican Hat Dance.

Last Friday the school hosted Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day. Guests were greeted at a reception in the P.A. Lounge in the Farm Building. From there the guests spent an hour in the classrooms getting firsthand information on the students' daily routines. Following this memorable morning, grandparents and friends of the elementary and middle school students visited the Ross School Campus.  

The arrival of spring always awakens the young scientists in the Pre-Kindergarten class and this year is no exception. The students have begun the study of living things with a look at flowers. Why do plants make flowers? Where does the smell come from? How do they know when to start growing? The children are developing their hypotheses which will be explored and tested in the coming weeks.

Before the spring recess, a representative from Cornell Cooperative Extension came into the first grade classroom to present a program called "Worms Eat Our Garbage." The students gained an understanding of beginning environmental science and math concepts as he or she learned about earthworms, their needs and how they benefit our environment. Observation skills were developed in the study of the habitat and life cycle of the earthworm.  

Last Thursday, first-grade students visited Provisions for a peanut-free lunch. After a tour of the store, Richard Kresberg spoke to the children about organic food, and then each child was treated to a special organic nut-free lunch.  

In other news, The East Hampton Library Poetry Contest announced its winners this week — two of whom are eighth graders from the Morris Center Middle School. First prize went to Michelle Miller and Honorable Mention to Yvie Biddle Hentic.

Bridgehampton School

Bridgehampton School students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades teamed up with Group for the South Fork to plant beach grass at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack. Close to 40 students met with Environmental Educator Elise Jacobs and learned more about the benefits of protecting the dunes with beach grass. Events like a spring planting helps generate a strong interest for the East End's natural surroundings.

Eighth graders traveled to the Parrish Museum to tour the new "Power Dressing: Men's Fashion and Prestige in Africa." Today, students will view 50 examples of male attire from across the continent, from Morocco to South Africa. The styles represent over a century of fashion.

Students in ninth and tenth grades will visit the Museum of Natural History today. Students will view different exhibits pertaining to world-culture, minerals, astronomy, and mammals.

Ross School

Fourth grade has been studying the Neolithic Revolution and the beginnings of agriculture and animal domestication. Under the tutelage of teacher Lea Abrams, students studied the differences between wild and domesticated grains and the process of harvesting grain for food including grinding grain and baking flatbreads in early Neolithic ovens. At the end of the week, each student created a loaf of bread and baked the bread in Ross School's wood-fired oven. The result was a much more delicious semi-flat bread than Neolithic humans would ever have hoped to eat.

Seventh graders went to Brooklyn this week to visit an exhibit about early Roman mosaics found in a synagogue in Tunisia. They also visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and enjoyed a lovely warm sunny day painting!

Two seventh graders, Lucia Kessler and Rebecca Kiembock, received honorable mentions in the East Hampton Library poetry contest. Floriaan Van der Knaap won a prize and a gift certificate to Bookhampton in the Hampton Library poetry contest, which was open to all Bridgehampton and East Hampton residents.

The tenth grade class, under the leadership of science teacher Cathy Miller, has spent the past five weeks working through the process of scientific inquiry. Identifying the question or purpose of the investigation was the first obstacle that the students had to overcome. As many of the investigations utilized equipment and technology that had never been used by the students previously, they also spend time perfecting their laboratory and data collection skills. Finally, putting the entire investigation together in a logical manner, explaining the results using evidence they collected and ultimately putting these results into a clear, concise conclusion was the greatest challenge for these young science students. To celebrate their success, there will be an exhibition of their work in the Ross Court Theater, today through Friday.

The Ross School's two-day trip to Storm King Art Center was offered to 12 students in the eighth grade. The focus of the trip was to see beautiful art and experience what it was like to create art in new formats. In the foundry, the students worked with wax, metal and clay.

Ross' Girls JV softball team won yesterday by one run against Hampton Bays. The final score was 14 to 13. Eighth grader Patricia Milligan was the winning pitcher, with many dazzling plays by her sister Miranda Milligan at some key points.

Springs School

The PTA is gearing up for the Springs Thing. Rides, face painting, games, food and tables with Springs School mugs, hand strengthening buddies, and crafts are all scheduled for the Springs Thing. The fair is scheduled for May 13, from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Jodie Hallman's class celebrated their Traveling Bears and their writers toolkits. The classroom has a pair of teddy bears with clothes, blankets, and a suitcase that go home with students for a night, a weekend or a vacation. These traveling teddies encourage the students to write about what they did or where they went. The writers tool kits are for any student to take home and write stories, letters, or create poems.

The last film festival was April 20. There were four films shown during Spirit Meet. On June 8, the students will be given their certificates and trophies for creativity, best editing, most original idea, and best cinematography. Heather Wittmer, Gresa Shoshi, and Lucy Villeneuve have worked about 40 hours in the AEP room for about two months. They are in lead for the Luke Bennett Film award, honoring the late Luke Bennett and donated by his wife, Susan Bennett. The students that made films this year are as young as in second grade. The public can see the students' films on channel 22 (Springs School in Action) this month.

Valerie Policastro's sixth-grade class is broadcasting newscasts projects from alien abductions to animal rehab. Some other topics include a cooking segment, a spoof on a crime story, a report about cliques, soccer, and a spoof on animal news.

Students in the eighth grade visited local businesses. They went to businesses from Baker House 1650 to a local bed and breakfast. A total of 32 businesses participated this year. Megan Bambrick observed one of our veterinarians in action, while Filloreta Islami was at East Hampton creating flower arrangements. Students visited the EH Town Police Station, The Town Supervisor's office, and even the US Coast Guard.

Sean Knight's fifth-grade class took a field trip to Chris Rivera's house to release the goldfish they had for a science project. At his house the students got to see a turtle, hold tadpoles, and release the fish.

While cleaning out the school basement, Art Teacher Jan Collins found the silhouettes of each member of Mrs. Barnett's fourth-grade class in 1989. Anyone who was in that class is invited to call Mrs. Collins at the school at 324-0144. The students used to create their silhouettes in the fourth grade and then Mrs. Collins would save them until the students graduated. This class did graduate but did not get their silhouettes. Jan Collins is retiring after many years in the school as the art teacher.

Tuckahoe School

Tuckahoe is proud to announce the following students, who are participating in sports this spring. They are: Jessica Cerrato, Mackenzie Harrington, and Tassoni Henry, in eighth-grade girls softball; in girls lacrosse, Lillian Bennett, Keri Christensen, Samantha Grimaldi, Jennifer Ortiz, Amy Lee Pacelli, Samantha Riccardi, Megan Roughan, Karen Sanchez, and Faye Stratford; in Boys Lacrosse, Mario DeRosas, Brett Llewellyn, Kyle McGuinness, Matthew Nanos, and Bobby Scheuch; in boys baseball, Jeffrey Bergenti, Eric Blenk, Colin Buoniello, Grant Parnon, Stathie Patrikis, Jesse Steudte, and Joseph Zito; in track, Zachary Bonime, Emily Edgar, Sean McDonald, Leandra McGuinness, Nicole McGuinness, Gerardo Meza, Raul Meza, and Jimmy Sloane. Andrew Batcheller, Austin Stokes, and Jake Sosne will play junior high tennis. Congratulations to eighth grader Kyle McGuinness for making captain of the eighth grade boys lacrosse team.

Southampton Prekindergarten

The Parents Night Out Workshop series continues on May 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the Southampton Intermediate School. Lynn Cohen will present a program on Emergent Literacy. Please call 287-3306 for more information.H

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