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May 03, 2006

Boating News: Buying And Selling Made Easier

Just a few days ago, the Boat Owners Association of the United States issued tips that may prove helpful to anyone considering purchasing or selling a recreational boat. It's difficult enough to sort out the dilemma of fuel prices at marine pumps, so any help in this area should be met with a sigh of relief.

For the first time ever, my parents actually had a conversation about whether or not they should put the boat in the water this season. They tried to evaluate exactly how high gasoline prices could soar, especially when one of their good friends returned from London and mentioned that "petrol" was just under $7 a gallon.

The boat isn't in the water yet, but my father and I happily waxed it at the marina in the anticipation that it will float sometime next week.

Boaters everywhere are faced with the uncertainties of the upcoming season, while the boat shows continue to draw large crowds. Although we can't predict the future, we can only hope that the issue of fuel prices will be seriously addressed in the near future in order to give some relief to the multitude of industries and individuals who are suffering from escalating costs.

Thanks to the industrious guidance of organizations like BoatU.S., a free guide to buying and selling a boat is presently available online.

"The 34-page guide will help the novice navigate unfamiliar waters and remind the seasoned boat owner of landmarks to steer by and trouble spots to avoid when trading up or selling. Unlike buying an automobile, the guide explains what to look for when buying a new or used boat, such as manufacturing standards, surveys and sea trials," said Boat U.S. "Also likely to be unfamiliar to the prospective boat owner— and clearly spelled out in the guide— is information on warranties, federal documentation, osmotic blisters, marine insurance and boat loans."

This organization has also included a checklist, which will assist you in making a more precise evaluation of the vessel's condition, as well as information to walk you through the steps in using the free services of the Consumer Bureau. There is also a recall alert registry that tracks safety defects for both new and subsequent boat owners.

Access to this guide can be found online at www.BoatUS.com/guide.

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