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April 19, 2006

Commands Consolidated At Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard will consolidate two local commands, making Sector Field Office Moriches, which includes the stations at Shinnecock in Hampton Bays and Montauk, part of Sector Long Island, based in New Haven, Connecticut.

No boats or rescue personnel will be moved as part of the reorganization. "It would be like moving a 911 center from one city to another. You're not going to see any changes on the operational front," said Petty Officer Daniel Bender in the Coast Guards's public affairs office.

The local stations will retain local command and communications, but rescue coordination will be moved to New Haven, 31 miles north of Moriches. Distress calls made to the Coast Guard will still be received and responded to by the same rescue personnel at the local commands on the South Shore.

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