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April 19, 2006

Neighborhood Horrified By Grisly Game

The trail of blood led from Sammy's Beach to Long Lane in East Hampton. It was still evident on the asphalt almost a week after what area residents described as a disgusting horror. Early on the morning of April 9, teens tied deer to two pickup trucks and dragged them from the area near the isolated Northwest beach to Long Lane near East Hampton High School.

One resident who asked to remain anonymous lives along the bloody trail. She said that as the torture progressed the bodies of the animals began to disintegrate near Old House Landing Road. "There was blood and deer parts everywhere," she said.

Another resident awoke at 3 a.m. to noise outside his house. Peering out the window he saw "Bubby boys" with two older pickup trucks trundling down the street. "I saw a rope hanging off the first truck and this pile of stuff." Then, he saw the second truck back up over another "pile" and spin its wheels, spraying blood and entrails. "It just shredded the thing," the homeowner said.

Swerving from Sammy's Beach Road down Hands Creek Road to Old Orchard Road and Fieldview, then Long Lane, a trail of blood and body parts were a gruesome Sunday morning reminder of the perverse prank. It's unknown whether the culprits simply found the animal carcasses and affixed them to the vehicles or whether they purposely killed the animals.

According to the witness, in subsequent conversations with one town employee, he was told the kids purposely hunt down deer to torture. "It's hard to believe this is East Hampton when you see something like this," he said. His neighbor added, "Forget playing fields, what we need is more counseling centers for these kids."

Both complained that this is but the latest in a series of youth crime near Sammy's Beach. Recently the bodies of four gutted deer were dumped at the edge of small parking lot. On another occasion someone tried to set fire to the beach grass, and still more complaints swirl around constant comings and goings of speeding trucks with marijuana smoking teens. Empty beer bottles frequently litter Hands Creek Road, oftentimes smashed. Speeding is rampant. One group of teens told the witness they selected the out of the way spot because police would never catch them there.

Even before the most recent gruesome debauchery, neighbors had written East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill McGintee requesting extra police patrols in the area. "It's like the Wild West down there," one neighbor said.

On Monday, East Hampton Town Police Chief Todd Sarris said the department hadn't been made aware of the totality of circumstances in the neighborhood. He pointed out that EHTPD's resources are limited, but nonetheless directed his precinct commander to meet with the neighbors.

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