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April 19, 2006

Indy Shrink


Well the sun has returned and with it, some warmth. It's time to get out and enjoy what this place on the East End is famous for, sun and shore, ease and recreation. We still have some weeks to go before the hordes descend upon us in force of course; for this reason, this time is particularly precious. There are days when the sun will be warm, the sand, inviting. And the bugs haven't gotten around to being active enough to cause any discomfort! In other words, it is the best part of the year!

The beaches are still relatively free of visitors; you can wander freely and not be disturbed; you can sit and stretch your vision to the horizons and let yourself meld with the environment. So what I am suggesting is something that I have urged in many ways over the last couple of years. Take advantage of your being here to do some psychological spring cleaning.

What I mean by that is that this is a perfect time to take stock of where you have been and where you are going. You have survived another winter, albeit a pretty mild one. If like most folks you had to stay around during the winter, you can particularly appreciate the return of good weather. Above all, then, get out and be with nature. There isn't a day that goes by, with some exceptions, that I am not walking along the shore. It is just so healthy to move through this extraordinary landscape and be aware and alive to all the details that are coming to life in abundance. Sound for example. In the winter, we have the windows closed so our experience of sound is inward: house sounds, TV sounds, voices of friends and neighbors. That has its own special charm and meaning to be sure. But now, throw open the windows both of your home and of your mind. Listen to the symphony of the birds and the hum of the air, the plangent rhythms of the sea, bay, and ocean. Sounds can soothe and bring peace to our possibly troubled and distracted minds and hearts. It's free, so walk slowly and let the waves of sound of all the many instruments of nature, as it were, make the music that can quiet the soul.

Also, of course, the visual experience is predominant. Drink in the splendor both on the larger scale that is so available to us and on the smaller, more intimate scale. By that I mean that if you are out walking, just practice taking in the smaller details that exist at every turn. The budding of trees and flowers, the shape and color of rocks, of the shells and signs of life all around you.

If you go early in the morning, you may get the gift of watching deer come to the water's edge and look out upon the expanse before them. They too are filled with some kind of awe for what is around them. Share in that; notice the tiny tracks of small animals, who also visited the water. We are all drawn to sun and shore. Face it, that's why you are here. During this very special quiet time, just before the floodgates of summer burst upon us, immerse yourself in a world that invites your participation and enjoyment. Let me know how it feels.

Frank Mosca Ph.D. is a marital counselor, life coach with a practice in Hampton Bays and Garden City. His views can be seen at frankmosca.com.

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