April 12, 2006

New Village Committees Announced

Mayor David Kapell and the board of trustees met last week for the village of Greenport's annual organizational meeting.

Although many of the items on the agenda involved reappointments, of note were three new committees geared toward village improvements as well as a major event planned for Mitchell Park this summer.

First, Kapell announced the establishment Polo Grounds Improvement Committee: "This is the major improvement initiative for this year."

The committee will meet to develop a plan for comprehensive improvements to the Polo Grounds including the existing ball fields, the skate park, the firemen's racetrack, and general landscaping. The committee will also consider the possibility of new facilities including bathrooms, a handball court, and a basketball court.

Members appointed to the new committee include Kirsten Droskoski, Janelle Ratsey, a member of the Greenport Softball Team still to be announced, Village Administrator David Abatelli, Highway Department Foreman Bob Peterson, Mayor David Kapell, Trustee Valerie Shelby, Trustee George Hubbard, Recreation Director Linda Ortiz, and Eileen Kapell.

Kapell also announced the formation of a Beach Committee, which he said "is comprised primarily of three citizens who have been active or have expressed interest in providing stewardship for village beaches at Fifth Street and at Mitchell Park."

New members, including Michael Solomon, Helen Weinstein, and Marion Freedman, as well as Abatelli and Peterson, "have been asked to look at improvements existing facilities at Fifth Street Beach and to consider ideas for maximizing the use and benefit of the new beach at Mitchell Park."

The board also voted to establish a Greenport Fleet Week Committee, which will focus on planning and organizing the July 10-July 13 visit of six yard patrol training ships from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis to the village this summer.

Each ship, said Kapell, comes with a complement of 22 midshipmen (cadets), two permanent crew, and a captain. "This computes to 150 sailors in Greenport for four days, and we anticipate a hose of activities to entertain them and the visitors they will draw. This is the major event for Mitchell Park this year." Appointed to the Greenport Fleet Week Committee were Trustee Bradley Burns, chairperson, Major David Kapell, Trustee William J. Mills, III, Harbormaster Joe Angevine, Cliff Benfield, Perry Angelson, Mike Acebo, and Steve Amiaga.

At the meeting, the board also accepted the resignation of Kenneth Ludacer from the zoning board of appeals and appointed Kate McDowell to fill the vacancy.

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