April 05, 2006

Kristen Carroza guns down a batter. (click for larger version)
Charged With Rape

This week saw two men booked for sexual crimes on the South Fork.

Southampton Town Police report the arrest of Jamie Smith, 31, of Lindenhurst. Picked up on Saturday, Smith was charged with rape in the third degree, criminal sexual act in the third, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

Last Friday police were alerted to a missing girl who had been last seen at the Riverhead High School. Through a joint investigation with Suffolk County Police, local cops discerned the 15-year-old was in Wyandanch in the company of Smith. The pair met casually in the Riverhead area last May. The charges stem from incidents that occurred since June of last year.

Jason Morris, 31 of East Hampton is suspected in the rape of a local woman. He went to an acquaintance's home last Thursday and "forced himself upon her," according to EHTPD spokesman Det. Sgt. Chris Anderson. Anderson had nothing further to add after assuring that the victim is over 21 years of age. Morris was booked on one count of first-degree rape.

Stupor Mom

A Springs woman was charged with drunk driving and acting in a manner that could injure a child on Saturday. She was pulled over on Hands Creek Road just before 7 p.m. after the arresting officer observed her car making a wide turn. The car nearly hit a utility pole in the turn attempt. Described by police as "in a high level of intoxication," the marinated mom could barely talk and, once brought into HQ, fell over in the cell. Her two kids were in the car and police turned them over to a family friend while the woman spent the night in the jail.

A second South Fork souse was locked up on the same date. Crossing the centerline into oncoming traffic sparked the stop. The arrestee hails from East Hampton, as does a man hauled in by East Hampton village cops the previous morning. He hit a street sign on Main Street before police caught up with him. Turns out prescription meds were responsible for the fellow's unsteadiness of foot and failure of roadside sobriety tests.

In Water Mill, a lush lost it when he failed to stay in his lane of travel last Thursday. When cops stopped his vehicle, he was arrested for DWI and packed off to the pokey to sleep off his stupor.

Remsenburg resident Brian Livingston was arrested for felony DWI in Riverside on Sunday after police responded to reports of a driver operating erratically on Flanders Road toward the traffic circle. Livingston was allegedly attempting to leave the Gulf Station when police found him to be highly intoxicated.

Typically, a driver is charged with felony DWI if he has been convicted of drunk driving anytime within the past decade.

Key Evidence

A statue of the Madonna was stolen from in front of a Tyrone Drive, Springs abode sometime between March 5 and Sunday. Valued at $100, it was described in the police report as "flush in color." We're guessing that's a typo.

While a Montauk worker was on vacation, someone took two of his paychecks and cashed them both on separate dates. Police did not release how much was stolen altogether. Tools — a circular saw and a drill — were stolen from a construction site on Montauk Highway in East Hampton, cops learned last Friday. There was no sign of forced entry. There was no need for forcing since the folks leave a key under the mat. They may want to rethink that.

Yearning for a solitary stroll on the sand? Think twice before leaving a purse in the car. An East Hampton resident hankering for some serenity last Wednesday was in for a rude awakening when she returned to her car and found that someone has smashed a window and stolen her purse, which contained a 35-millimeter Pentax camera and two religious medals. The vehicle was parked at the the north end of Long Beach in Noyac.

An East Quogue resident was already home after a Sunday dinner at the New Moon Café when she noticed that her purse, containing a checkbook, credit cards, and $500 was missing. After remembering she'd left it under the bar, the woman called the restaurant only to learn that it was missing.

Two boaters learned last week that even dry docked, their vessels can tempt sticky fingered intruders. A Lake Ronkonkoma resident reported that sometime between January 1 and April 1, an intrepid intruder climbed aboard and made off with $19,000 worth of nautical treasures, including a Payathon 480 multi radar valued at $10,000, five assorted rods and reels valued at $8000, a Payathon handheld VHF worth $200, and a bounty of DVDs worth $800.

Meanwhile, a Port Jefferson mate was reportedly the victim of grand larceny. The sad seafarer said that sometime between December 5 and March 26, someone slipped onto his vessel, dry docked in Hampton Bays, and made off with $10,000 or $15,000 worth of merchandise, which he said he'd tally up later.

Remsenburg residents returned for the weekend only to find that someone had shattered a front glass window sometime last week. No evidence of entry into the home was noted.

Not So Easy Rider

You can run, but you can't hide. That's the lesson a runaway biker learned last Thursday. A Riverhead resident reportedly was the victim of a run-in with the slippery motorcycle rider, who revved up and ran off after the MVA. When his luck ran out, the speed demon confessed he'd fled the scene because he was unlicensed and unregistered.

iPod Punk

The halls of learning sometimes seem to be more about learning to steal than, say, learning grammar or math. Detectives are investigating the theft of a $200 Canon camera from an unlocked locker in the East Hampton High School. Village police were called to the Middle School on Newtown Lane last Friday to investigate an iPod caper. Seems one of the students took the pricey gizmo from another. The juvenile returned the item sans earphones and carrying case, answering complaints with "You should be lucky to have the iPod back." Police described the kid as verbally abusive to both the victim and his own mother.

Speaking of abusive, an East Hampton man was charged last Wednesday with harassment and criminal contempt. He violated an order of protection, attacking his girlfriend. He punched her in the face among other depredations, according to the arrest report. The guy left the locale before police arrived. Cops caught up with him nearby and discovered he'd had a few before he decided it would be a cool thing to hit a woman. He was additionally charged with DWI. Also garnering a harassment charge was a Springs dude. He, too, was charged in connection with becoming violent with a female.

On the aggravated harassment beat, an East Hampton woman complained that a suspect calls her several times a day. The caller threatens to run the victim over with her car should the two meet. Also favoring a car as a weapon is the guy who deliberately hit a woman's car on Three Mile Harbor Road last Wednesday. According to the victim, the man purposely turned his car around, came up behind hers, and struck it. The car was undamaged and the victim declined to press charges. She said the fellow committed the act because "he does not like her or any of her friends."

Moving to irate customers, the folks at the UPS store in East Hampton Village faced off against a pusillanimous patron on March 28. She was peeved because she had neither a key nor ID, and couldn't access her PO box. The responding officer was able to smooth things out between the woman and store staff. But if she gets cranky again . . .

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects:

Motel Mayhem: Sometime between March 11 and April Fool's Day vandals got into the Ocean Surf Motel property on South Emerson Avenue in Montauk. Mischief was made in the following manner: fire extinguishers were ripped from the wall and thrown in the pool, a window and several fence pickets were broken, and several empty beer cans were found strewn about.

Cantankerous Cur: A Montauk woman told cops that as she was walking on South Deforest Road in Rip City last Saturday, she was attacked by a dog that bit her in the thigh. It took seven stitches to close the wound. Police advised the dog's owner to keep the miserable mutt indoors until an investigation could be completed.

Golf Cart Kids: Youth operating golf carts appear to be terrorizing the neighborhood near Buck's Path in East Hampton. A resident there called the cops last Wednesday after he saw one urchin purposely run into his lamp post. It's going to cost $150 to fix it.

Desecrate Resources: Police are looking into three cases involving criminal mischief perpetrated in East Hampton Town Nature Preserves. Miscreants broke fences and gates at the Grace Estate, the West Gardiner Preserve, and the Soak Hides Nature Preserve. All three offenses were reported last week.

Scratch Chevy: A Wainscott woman told police last Friday that while her car was parked on King Street in East Hampton Village someone keyed it, scratching the word "Mexico" onto the rear passenger door.

A stressed mom said that after shopping at King Kullen last Friday, she returned home and went to retrieve her daughter's sax from her car so her daughter could get cracking on her scales. Nothing doing — the sax was gone. The frantic mom believes a music lover lifted the sax while she was shopping, or maybe, she added, her daughter left the dreaded sax at school. Hmmm. Sounds like a no-brainer, Mom.

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