April 05, 2006

Kids Reel

I saw Good Night and Good Luck, the film starring David Strathairn, who was nominated for his performance in the role of newsman Edward R. Murrow. Murrow was a hero newscaster in World War II and a courageous TV commentator and host during the McCarthy era in America when everyone was afraid of Senator McCarthy because he got people into trouble and changed their lives, without facts or evidence.

It is good that Murrow challenged the Senator even though the head of his network, Mr. Paley (I think he had a home in East Hampton), was afraid of losing sponsors. However I thought the script was confusing, the dialogue flat, and that despite the fact that Strathairn's performance may have been a good imitation of the real Murrow, I found it monotone and not nearly as skillful as say Matt Dillon's performance in Crash, where many emotions had to be shown. So I only give Good Night and Good Luck 2 1/2 tennis balls and that is mostly for what Edward R. Murrow did, not for what the movie makers did with the story.

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