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March 29, 2006

Getting The Job Done

It's been in the works for nearly 14 years and Councilwoman Barbara Blass said now is the time to finish the town's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, a document that will help guide the town in planning and protecting its waterfront resources.

It is a document that will also, said Riverhead Supervisor Phil Cardinale, aid the town in its fight against Broadwater Energy, which is proposing to construct a floating, liquefied, natural gas facility nine miles off Wading River's coast.

To finally finish the document, Blass said the town is looking to the expertise of former Southold Supervisor Josh Horton and former Southold planner Valerie Scopaz. Both worked to complete Southold's LWRP nearly three years ago.

As consultants, it is expected that the pair will be compensated for their work through a grant the town obtained to complete the LWRP.

Decorum Defeated?

While Councilman Ed Densieski's decorum policy was expected was to be approved at the Riverhead Town Board meeting on March 21, the policy vote was tabled.

The decision to hold off on a vote until the next town board meeting was made after several town residents complained that the policy, which aims to provide for "better" run town board meetings, is too restrictive. They also accused Councilman Densieski of putting forth the policy for "personal reasons."

Densieski argued that the policy idea came directly from a magazine, called Towns and Topics.

The town board agreed to revamp a portion of the policy and is expected to discuss changes at an upcoming work session.

EPCAL Text Available

The text of new zoning that aims to make recreationally zoned, town-owned property available for industrial and office park uses is now available in the town clerk's office. A public hearing on the zoning is scheduled for later this month.

F-1 Study Ready

An environmental review of F-1 Long Island's proposal to construct a state-of-the-art go-kart track on Edwards Avenue is now available at town hall. The town board is expected to review the text of the document to determine whether or not the proposal will have a significant impact on the environment.

F-1's proposal has become controversial as Calverton residents fear that the track will negatively impact the community.

F-1 maintains that it will be a good neighbor and that all impacts, including noise levels, will be mitigated.

Affordable Now

Riverhead Supervisor Phil Cardinale has asked the town board to support a policy to require that of the 3000 new housing units expected to be constructed in town over the next decade, at least 10% of them be made available at affordable prices.

Of course, how that will be done is still to be worked out, but Cardinale said he is looking for a general consensus of the town board before he begins to draw up legislation.

In the past, Councilman Densieski and Councilwoman Blass have been hesitant when it comes to creating additional affordable housing in town. The pair believes that the town already has enough affordable housing options.

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