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March 29, 2006

Sand For Sale

After months of waiting for a determination from the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Town of Riverhead has learned that it is now free to sell sand that once covered garbage at the town's Youngs Avenue landfill, which is being reclaimed.

"There is plenty of sand out there to sell," said Riverhead Supervisor Phil Cardinale, who said he was pleased with the news.

For nearly four months, the town has awaited word from the DEC on a Beneficial Use Determination application that was submitted for the sand.

According to Cardinale, the BUD came last week and stated that the town can sell the sand, which has been screened. And, it is set to do so to a Queens-based company called Evergreen at about $4 a yard. town of a sweet stench that emanates from the assault plant's smokestack each morning.

Lyons, who must abide by strict DEC regulations, argues that he has taken every measure, including spending nearly $40,000 in environmental testing, to ensure that the plant does not affect nearby residents. And he says the smell is probably coming from Grimes' equipment, such as wood chippers.

Still, town board members say they are resolved to remove asphalt production from the landfill reclamation project, even if it means litigation.

Cardinale said, "We have made our displeasure known and we expect to take whatever action necessary."

The decision to reach out to the DEC to obtain a BUD came in November after the town board unanimously determined that a temporary asphalt plant, which was set up at the landfill to get rid of the sand, is a "nuisance to the surrounding community."

The asphalt plant, GL Paving Products, run by Bill Lyons, had been using the sand in its asphalt mix as part of a contract with Grimes Contracting. Grimes was hired by the town to complete the $25 million landfill reclamation project by ridding the landfill of nearly 1.5 million cubic yards of waste.

Under their contract with Grimes, GL Paving Products pays Grimes $4 per yard of sand; Grimes keeps $2 a yard and pays the town to remaining $2.

It was expected that GL Paving products would use the 250 thousand pounds of sand estimated at the site in its asphalt. And there is possibly even more sand; it was learned last year that there was a miscalculation and there is probably close to 500 thousand pounds of sand at the site.

Since it has been running, however, nearby residents have complained to the

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