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March 29, 2006

Kids Reel

Rebound starring Will Smith is a karaoke movie, that is, kind of lame. The dialogue tried too hard to make people laugh, but with silly kinds of things. It didn't work. It also felt like Will Smith knew the script was weak and he looked as if he wasn't really trying, and since he was the star, it made the overall performances in the movie terrible. The theme of the movie wasn't bad. Rebound is about a selfish non-caring college basketball coach, played by Will Smith, who gets kicked out of the NCAA. He can be redeemed, by coaching in a different league and not getting into any disputes. He ends up coaching his own high school team. And there's the story. We give it two tennis balls. The idea was good, but the acting and the dialogue failed the idea.


Granny and Grandpa picks:

 1. Hoosiers

2. The one about the Notre Dame coach with Ronald Reagan. Grandma can't remember the name. Do you know?

If you do, please contact us at: bigrubi05@aol.com.

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