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October 22, 2014

FoodDay: For Healthy Hunger Relief

There are people in East Hampton who don't have enough to eat. While the East Hampton Food Pantry's Herculean effort to meet the needs of the hungry is often publicized in The Independent, lots of people still don't realize that there's a segment of the local population in need. And, that needy segment struggles to find food that's both healthy and affordable.

On Friday, that need is front and center across the nation with the celebration of FoodDay. Conceived by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, FoodDay is a nationwide celebration of and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.

This year, to celebrate FoodDay, the East Hampton Food Pantry will join forces with SuperFood Drive, an organization committed to changing the face of hunger by empowering and guiding food banks and food pantries in providing nutrient-dense foods and nutrition education to the vulnerable populations who rely upon them, and Stirring the Pot, a weekly show on WPPB 88.3FM devoted to food, nutrition and health, to bring healthy hunger relief to the local community.

"We want to inform and inspire our community about the importance of healthy hunger relief," explained Vicki Littman chair of East Hampton Food Pantry. "We have asked Amagansett School and Ross Lower School to partner with us in hosting educational assemblies and SuperFood Drives — where the students will be provided with a list of nutrient dense foods that can be distributed to the various pantry clients." On Friday Stefanie Sacks of Stirring the Pot will present a cooking demonstration for pantry recipients and local students at the East Hampton Food Pantry.

"If we educate the students, they will educate their parents about the issue of hunger on the East End as well as nationwide concerns," Littman continued. "And if we can reach the kids while they're still young, we're creating a new generation of caring citizens who can make smart food choices, helping to lower the obesity rate and other related health issues in this country.

"It may seem like a lofty goal, but we're confident that with a little education, the students will greatly benefit from this program."

The East Hampton Food Pantry hopes to continue and expand upon SuperFood Day next year, collaborating with other schools until all the students and their families on the East End of Long Island are reached.

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