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April 02, 2014

Shoreline Sweep Film Debuts

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In just 24 hours over the weekend, Dell Cullum's short film debuted and garnered close to 4500 hits on his Imagination Nature Facebook page.

In February, Cullum, a nature photographer and wildlife rescuer, worked with the East Hampton Town Litter Committee to organize the first annual Shoreline Sweep beach cleanup. Over 80 community members cleaned a 22-mile stretch of shoreline from Montauk Point to Georgica Beach East. They collected 3500 pounds of trash, including three truckloads of burned wood.

Eager to keep the momentum going, educate the public, and document the effort, Cullum crafted a 23 minute short film entitled "Cleaning the Sands of Time: 2014 Shoreline Sweep" and posted it on his Imagination Nature website as well as Facebook, where it elicited thousands of views and dozens of shares.

Next up, Cullum plans to organize "Sweeping the Stretch" a clean up of the Napeague Stretch from Bluff Road in Amagansett to Second House Road in Montauk. The tentative date is April 26.


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