April 02, 2014

Town Sez Don't Put A Ring In It

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The new owners of the East Deck Motel in Montauk got their first taste of East Hampton ordinance enforcement last week. After a local Ditch Plains beach habitué noticed huge rings, originally thought for use in a septic system, prepped for installation at the DeForest Road property.

Chief Building Inspector Tom Preiato said this week the structures were drainage rings, which are usually designed to help with surface water flooding. He said he served attorneys for the owners with a Notice of Violation and "they complied" by removing the structures. Since the town's policy is to seek compliance first, Preiato didn't move on to issuing an actual violation.

If the owners, Ed40 LLC, want to install the new drainage, they'll have to get a variance and a Natural Resources permit, the building inspector said.

ED40 LLC was in the news recently after the East Hampton Town Board voted to accept a donation of sand from the property owners who are in the midst of a beach replenishment project.

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