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February 26, 2014

Smack Ring Bopped

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Riverhead is about as far away from Hollywood as you can get – or maybe not.

A long investigation by the East End Drug Task Force culminated last Wednesday when agents busted up an intensive heroin-dealing network based in the county center.

Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota said the investigation began last year and employed undercover police officers who made purchases on the streets, informants and wire-tapping. 

Agents of the EEDTF, comprised of members of all of the East End town police departments, began making arrests last October.

Dubbed "Hollywood heroin," the powder being sold was considered purer than most street smack and commanded a higher price. Spota said the heroin came from Harlem, with the so-called "Riverhead crew," selling it locally.

Leroy Langhorne, 41, of Riverside, Leon Langhorne, 38, of Riverhead, Joseph Thomas, 41, of Mastic, Robert Baker, 46, of Riverhead, Jerome Trent, 58, of Riverhead, and Farrow Sims, 42, of Calverton were among those arrested. They favored shopping centers of high profile box stores for peddling their goods, doing business primarily on County Road 58 in Riverhead, at Wal-Mart shopping plaza, Home Depot, Tanger as well as the fast food stops like McDonalds on Flanders Road. 

Jose Calvente, 65, Jose Morales, 75, and Carlos Ramos, 52, all from Harlem, are also in custody after being arrested. Buyers came from all over the East End, police said.

All nine suspects are charged with assorted felonies. Calvante and Baker, the most egregious with seven felony counts each, were held on $250,000 bail. Trent was released without bail.

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