February 19, 2014

Southampton Land Set For CPPP

By Emily Toy

Last week, the Southampton Town Board had several public hearings (and scheduled some new ones) regarding specific properties throughout the town to be included in the Community Preservation Project Plan.

The plan identifies target areas and eligible properties for acquisition, which include forests, wetlands, farmlands, properties with historic significance, and beachfront areas, to be purchased with Community Preservation Fund monies.

There were three properties in Hampton Bays whose owners expressed interest in selling to Southampton Town.

Margaret Ferguson is the owner of one such property: about 1.07 acres on East Landing Road.

The property is designated in the Paumonak Path Trail area of the CPPP. The path is a hiking trail project of regional importance, ultimately extending about 125 miles from Rocky Point to Montauk Point. For over a decade now, it has been a planning priority within the Town of Southampton and has been deemed a significant trail project on Long Island.

The Hampton Bays property is also designated in the Squires Pond Target Preservation Area. Squires Pond is a pristine estuarine pond, which contains state-designated tidal wetlands, beach and dune habitats and fronts on the Great Peconic Bay. According to Southampton officials, the property is home to several rare and endangered species including piping plovers along with several rare plants. A public hearing for the property is scheduled for March 11 at 1 PM.

Two other Hampton Bays properties, 2.3 acres owned by Martin Schulman, and 1.3 acres owned by Shinnecock Development LLC, are both located on West Tiana Road and are designated in the Wetland Preservation Target Area of the CPPP.

Schulman's property is expected to be sold to the town for $800,000. A public hearing regarding the Schulman property was held before the town on February 11, authorizing the town to purchase the land. The later Hampton Bays property will be considered at a public hearing on March 11.

Located at 602 Deerfield Road in Water Mill, the owner of another property, totaling to about 20.6 acres of land, has also expressed an interest in selling to the town for preservation purposes.

According to a resolution describing the property, it is designated in the Farmland Preservation Target Area of the CPPP. The public hearing regarding the Water Mill property will be on March 11 at 1 PM.

Moving to East Quogue, 1.8 acres on Dune Road owned by Carol Bodner are also up for consideration of acquisition.

Bodner's property is designated in the Shinnecock Bay Target Area, which features an undeveloped stretch of barrier and marshland edging the Shinnecock Bay, a key component of the South Shore Reserve Estuary system. March 11 will also see a public hearing for this property.

The Southampton Town Board resolved to acquire 4.3 acres on Dune Road in Quogue Village, designated in the Village and Hamlet Greens, Parks, Recreation and Open Space Target Preservation Area of the CPPP. A public hearing on the property was held February 11. Gloria Connors, the owner, is slated to sell the vacant parcel for $130,000.

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