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December 04, 2013

Republicans Keep Trustee Majority

With the final canvas finally complete, Republicans continue to hold the majority on the East Hampton Town Trustees, with five Republicans and four Democrats voted in. However, Dennis Curles, who ran on the GOP line and was ahead at the end of Election Night, was edged out by Democrat Bill Taylor, thanks to absentee votes skewing towards the Dems.

Incumbents who ran for re-election – Diane McNally, Stephanie Forsberg, Deb Klughers, Nat Miller, Stephen Lester, Tim Bock, and Sean McCaffrey all retained their seats. Taylor and Bryan Byrnes are newcomers who'll be sworn in next month.

Lester, a Democrat who also ran on the Independence Party line, was the high vote getter, with 4041 individuals casting their ballots for him. The GOP's Forsberg was next with 3871 votes, followed by McNally, also a Republican, with 3508. Bock, another member of the GOP ticket received 3383 votes, with running mate Miller garnering 3318 votes.

Klughers, a Democrat, received 3192 votes; McCaffrey, who ran on the Republican line gleaned 3177, the least of any incumbent. Byrnes, a Democrat and Independence candidate, received 2997 votes, with Taylor coming in last with 2937 votes.

Curles was knocked down to the penultimate place in the field once absentee ballots were counted. He received a total of 2739, nearly 200 fewer than Taylor. Democrats Afton DiSunno (2865) and Loretta Sears (2781) both received more votes at the finally tally. Republican Brian Pardini received the fewest votes at 2709.

According to the town's original governing body's website, "Since their creation in 1686, the Town Trustees have continuously functioned as an autonomous governing body and represent an important historic link to the earliest roots of our democratic Nation."


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