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November 13, 2013

Police Quickly Apprehend Armed Robbery Suspect

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A man who told a lone clerk that he had a gun boldly walked into a liquor store in Springs, took cash from the register, and made a successful getaway on foot.

The suspect, who kept his hand in his pocket the whole time, likely didn't know the entire robbery was captured on a security camera -- his face was clearly visible.

The incident occurred shortly before 5 PM Saturday at Springs Wines and Liquors at 839 Springs Fireplace Road. He headed west on Fort Pond Boulevard and made a clean getaway. Police did not reveal how much money was taken.

East Hampton Town Police quickly responded to the scene, viewed the film, captured the suspect's image, and circulated it via e-mail and on the Internet. He was wearing a gray hoodie, a black vest, and had his pants pulled down to reveal his underwear. He had on sunglasses, and was white. The clerk said he was about six-foot tall.

By Monday police knew who they were looking for. Though no one said as much, it is believed that a number of people recognized the suspect and tipped the authorities.

Shortly after 10 AM police pulled over a 2004 Gray Dodge Ram pick-up truck and took John X. Tracey III into custody. Tracey, who police said lives on Kings Point Road in Springs, was charged with one count of First Degree Robbery, a felony, and held for arraignment the following morning.

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