August 21, 2013

The Village Latch Inn Hotel

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Last Tuesday night I was invited to stay at The Village Latch Inn on Hill Street in Southampton. The boutique hotel is located in Southampton Village on a five-acre estate.

Owners Marta and Martin White have owned The Village Latch for four decades and have recently put it on the market for $23 million. Real estate agent Esther Paster took me on a tour of the eight unique buildings on the property along with the pool and tennis courts.

Eclectic decor shows the character of this property. The century-old hotel was originally created and run by artists, so no two rooms are alike. Furniture from everywhere from Bali to England completes the warm and gracious ambiance.

The beautiful property, which provided the backdrop to Matt and Annette Lauer's wedding, has been a celebrity mainstay for decades. Michael J. Fox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Dennis Quaid, Lauren Hutton, Isabella Rosellini, Anne Hathaway, Ethel Kennedy, Al Roker, Elle McPherson, Michael Kors, and Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden have also frequented the inn. Guests enjoy the fact that the inn is private, yet is situated in close proximity to the nearby village.

The Village Latch also holds a lot of history. It was formerly known as the grand annex to the famous Irving Hotel, Eastern Long Island's oldest established hostelry.

The Mayor of Southampton, Mark Epley, recently addressed the ability for a smart developer to come in and modernize the property while maintaining its character. Options include boutique hotel, restaurant, health spa, multi family residences, corporate retreat, or residential subdivision. Existing approvals, surveys, architectural site plans, yield map and Suffolk County Department of Health Services requirements for the expansion of the site are available showing the property's potential for development.

Contact Esther Paster at The Corcoran Group at 516-356-6929 or visit www.villagelatch.com for more information on the hotel.

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