June 19, 2013

On The Beat

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7-Elevens Raided

A surprise raid staged by Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents on Long Island Monday targeted 12 locations and resulted in the temporary closure of 7-Eleven stores in Sag Harbor, Cutchogue and Greenport and the arrest of numerous individuals. No, ICE officials said they weren't checking to find out exactly what ingredients were in the Slurpies. Rather, the investigation is focused on an illegal immigration ring, officials said.

About a dozen people were taken into custody. Farukh Baig, said to be the owner of 12 of the 14 stores raided, including two on the North Fork and one in Sag Harbor, was one of those arrested. An ICE press release stated, "owners of the raided franchises allegedly helped traffic workers from Pakistan to work in their stores. Those workers were then allegedly forced to live in housing provided by the franchise." The Sag Harbor store was closed Monday but a sign in the window said it would reopen later that day.

Oh Yes I Am

Last Wednesday a Southampton Town Traffic Control Officer was writing tickets for illegally parked cars on Dune Road in Water Mill when a 59 year-old male angrily approached her from behind. "You're not going to be writing any tickets today," he screamed, ripping the ticket book from her hands. She radioed for assistance and the man was arrested, charged with a Class A misdemeanor, Obstructing Government Administration 2nd degree. The TCO then continued ticketing illegally parked cars.

Teenagers Injured

Riverhead Town Police reported five teenage girls, all between the ages of 17 and 18, were injured in a motor vehicle accident last Thursday. Their Kia collided with a Ford Expedition at the intersection of Twomey and Riley Avenues in Calverton Thursday afternoon. Police said the girls told them the truck had apparently ran a stop sign.

Scary Phone Call

Last Wednesday a female from Springs received a troubling call – the callers said they were going to shoot her brother in the head if she didn't wire $300 to them. "He is unconscious and his head is open," one of the callers said of the female's brother – she was told he had been hit over the head with a gun. The caller warned not to call police and the female did so – East Hampton Village responded and located the victim's brother, who was at work and unharmed.

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