February 06, 2013

Schmitt Takes The Prize

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A harmonica and an a capella song crafted to the tune of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" won the night, and the crown, for Matt Schmitt.

On Saturday night the Stephen Talkhouse was packed with revelers eager to see the annual Mr. Amagansett Pageant. What the evening lacked in beefcake, it more than made up with hilarity.

Nick Kraus, Mr. Amagansett 2012, screened a film depicting a year during which his dream of achieving the crown morphed into a nightmare. Peter Honerkamp also screened a "docudrama" about the performance problems he's had since losing to Kraus last year. He didn't win this year, either.

Gordon Ryan was voted runner up by a panel of five judges, which included this reporter, as an apparent effort to inject the wisdom of advanced age into the proceedings. Ryan also composed and sang a song, resplendent in cowboy gear, to the tune of "Don't Fence Me In."

If Schmitt is unable to fulfill his duties (such as they are) as Mr. Amagansett 2013, Ryan will step in and don the crown, the big white terrycloth robe embroidered with an "A," and seize the official scepter/clam rake.

Highlights of the evening included "performances" by Councilmen Dominick Stanzione and Peter Van Scoyoc (top, right). Stanzione's been a staple at each pageant since its inception. Van Scoyoc debuted as "Mullet Pete" and performed a song about the hamlet.

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