September 13, 2017

Generally Pleasing

Dear Editor,

A belated but much meant compliment on your makeover.  It is not only graphically pleasing, but the breadth of issues covered, and well covered, is generally pleasing.  Also a belated and sincere thanks to all the people who have worked so hard to counter the airport noise -- for the great benefit of all -- and appreciation for their continuing effort.

Chris Norwood  

Doubtful Benefits

Dear Editor,

In 2013, Discovery Land Corporation of Arizona submitted an application for a Planned Development District (PDD) to build an increased density golf course resort in East Quogue known as The Hills.  

Since then, Discovery Land has submitted thousands of pages of documents in support of its PDD many of which discounted the opinion of a local marine scientist, Chris Gobler, who questioned the nitrogen yields of the PDD.  To paraphrase the arguments made by The Hills representatives, the marine scientist did not have the experience to understand the complexities of a project that involved multiple disciplines outside his area of expertise.

However, after debating the original PDD for about three years, "at the eleventh hour," Discovery Land has been allowed to submit a radically different PDD that involves the purchase of an additional parcel of land, the purchase of Pine Barrens credits, and the privatization of Southampton's septic rebate program.

Based on the three new benefits listed above, a new nitrogen study prepared by Chris Gobler tentatively concluded that the new PDD will allegedly produce lower levels of nitrogen than the old PDD.  

However, even though the new nitrogen study appears to have been "officially endorsed," as reported in Rick Murphy's 9/6/17 In Depth News article "The Hills May Get Jay's Vote," the calculations are based on variables that are not guaranteed.  

I believe it's also worth mentioning that the "complexities" of the new benefits have not been thoroughly vetted beyond their alleged ability to reduce nitrogen levels. Therefore, in my opinion, the benefits of The Hills PDD continue to remain in reasonable doubt.

Susan Cerwinski

Renounce Racism

Dear Editor,

In the wake of the recent upsurge in bigotry and violence in Charlottesville, we the members of the Southampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force renounce any such expression and stand for the peaceful demonstration of differences.

Our membership has long been at the forefront when it comes to standing against threats to our freedoms and unity as a nation and hereto is no exception. When violence that some believe was stoked by the 2016 presidential campaign emerges as empowering groups who have been in the shadows, we must all be called to action to defend both our freedoms and rights and to eradicate the presence of bigotry in our midst. 

The members of the Southampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force are aware of in the shadows darkened by fear and hatred the overt expression of dis-ease of racism and disease of prejudice continues to lurk and ruminate. Unfortunately, however, in recent times we see this cancer metastasizing and becoming covert again and affecting the minds of our offspring and tarnishing the gleam of the bright shiny city on the hill called America. Our nation's international reputation is being discolored even as we endeavor to recover from past indiscretions.

We support the free market exchange of ideas even if those ideas are abhorrent to us.  Freedom of speech and expression belongs to us all but only if our intention and actions are in support of peaceful discourse and is devoid of bigotry, prejudice and bias, and is not used to incite violence and hate crimes. 

In summary, the Anti-Bias Task Force of Southampton Town stands firmly behind our Charlottesville brethren and join those who encourage bias free open expression.  However, if any of those expressions are violent and suggests the supremacy of any group over others, we are strongly opposed to it.  We support the residents of Charlottesville, Mayor Michael Signer and all those around our nation who stand in opposition to bigotry, white supremacism, the neo-nazism, hate groups and violence.

Please know that the "Force is with You."

James Banks 

On behalf of the Southampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force

Plane Fun

To The Editor,

Every once in a while there is a gem tucked away. "Just Plane Fun Day" held at HTO on Saturday was no exception. Patient Airlift Services (PALS), a volunteer organization that airlifts both local cancer patients out of the area for treatment, as well as airlifting cancer-stricken children in for camping had a booth at the event. The volunteers brought a sobering reminder of those dedicated people who give of their talents, their equipment and their time to provide relief through our very own airport to our very own residents. As they put it, "changing lives, one flight at a time."

Don't get me wrong, the antique planes and cars were spectacular, and I got assorted photographs with those. But the photo sitting in front of me on my desk as I write this, that I most cherish, is that of a small boy PALS passenger, Miracle Max. It reminds me what HTO is all about, people not politics.

Paul Giardina, Candidate East Hampton Town Board 2017

Japanese Military Build Up

 Dear Editor,

As a counterweight to China and North Korea we should encourage Japan to build up its military capabilities.

 Japan should increase its frontline military personnel from 250,000 to 350,000 and increase the number of tanks from  700 to 1000 and armored vehicles from 3000 to 4000.

It has about 300 fighter aircraft and 500 transport aircraft which could go to 500 and 600, respectively.  Attack helicopters should increase from 120 to 200. It needs to develop a number of fighter bomber wings. It needs to upgrade its Navy from three aircraft carriers to five and double its destroyers to 90.

 Japan should increase its missile defense systems to counter missile launches from North Korea, and it might want to develop a robust conventional offensive intermediate missile capability that could strike North Korea.

Maybe China and North Korea will be more conciliatory and less aggressive when facing a more powerful Japan.

Also, we should maintain a strong military presence in Japan to influence Japanese policies.  We have nuclear weapons available at U.S. bases and on aircraft carriers and submarines in the Pacific.

P.S. This letter written before Buchanan's editorial.

Donald Moskowitz

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