July 26, 2017

Complete Shock

To the Editor,

The recent revelation that appeared in your paper, as well as in other media, that Deepwater is now exploring a new cable route and that the town board has passed a resolution to allow for testing as such, caused me to do some further research after scratching my head.

What I learned was truly a shock. Since this project clearly involves "the waterfront" I wanted to see how a finding of consistency with the town's Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) could possibly have occurred. I went to Section 150-50 of the town code enacted in 2005 dealing with review of actions pursuant to the LWRP.

Shock led to complete incredulity when I realized that the "coastal assessment form" required under section C of the code does not exist.

Thanks to Carole Brennan, our town clerk, who did three days of legwork, I learned that the very basic form that starts the consistency review process has never been prepared by the planning department. So all of the actions such as the US Army Corp of Engineer's Montauk beach work, the LIPA substation on Industrial Highway, the current lithium ion battery adjacent to that substation, and in fact, all of the Deepwater Project has never been subject to a legal review pursuant to the East Hampton Town Code.

It is time to fix this now. I am calling for a complete audit by an outside audit firm of the town's planning department's efforts regarding its LWRP. This will be one of my first goals when I am elected to the town board. Until that time I would hope that the town board suspend all actions on any projects in coastal waterfront until such an audit is completed including reviews currently being done by the zoning board.

This has been allowed to go on for three administrations, and 13 years. I want it to be corrected in the next administration of which I intend to be a part. And thank you to Carole Brennan, our excellent town clerk.



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