December 04, 2013


Dear Rick,

The "Ocean View Farms" (an inaccurate description of the proposed luxury development at 555 Montauk Highway in Amagansett; since it will not be a farm and is not within view of the ocean) reminds me of the Pete Seeger song, "Little Boxes." It was designed by the same man who designed a Disney development called "Celebration" in Orlando. 

Check out the photos, day and night. Most of the night lighting is hard-wired to be "on" all night and residents cannot even turn off their own house lights when they are illuminating their bedrooms from their second story balconies.

This town board majority's ideology has virtually guaranteed that there will never be another Republican majority, ever again.


Your Way

Dear Rick,

Asher Lee, aka Donna DiGuadio, died in her sleep one night last week. Asher's dear friend, Peg Volk wrote the following:

Dear Asher,

Trying to swallow, never mind digest that you have passed on and away from us. Not away. I correct myself. For now you are forever a part of who we are.

We, who have had the pleasure of the experience of you. And truly always have been a part. Which is the reality. You lived your life your way.

You have worn many hats: Daughter; Sister; Cousin; Sister-in-law; Aunt Donna; Confidant; Counselor; Minister; High Priestess of the Dark Arts of the Occult (through your mastery of Tarot and Astrology which you utilized to help illuminate yourself and many of us through your expertise and sensitivity); Composer; Guitar Player; Producer; Artist; Gardener; Inventor; Carpenter; Companion; Friend. Someone that spoke the language of the stars. Who composed and performed music.

Brought brightness, mystery, inquiry, laughter, joy, anger, curiosity, compassion, grace and passion to the table of life.

I'm thrilled for the many who have had the distinct, direct experience of you. I thank God I have. And I will "have" you with me always. Love,


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