November 20, 2013

Bow Our Heads

Dear Editor,

Where are Senator Schumer's priorities? By endorsing Hillary Clinton for president in the next election he completely ignores that her actions in the Bengazi tragedy, which were reprehensible and not deserving of a public official, much less President of the United States. 

When questioned about her inaction during this event under her jurisdiction as Secretary of State her reply was "What difference does it make?"

Someone, including Senator Schumer, should have reminded her until Bengazi we never let our soldiers die without immediate intervention to do everything to save them. If that help arrives too late, which is questionable in this case, strong retaliation always followed suit.

Veteran's Day was a strong reminder to those of us that served in the military of the Combat Code of The U.S. Military. "We don't abandon our dead or wounded in the battlefield." In this case our Ambassador, his assistant and two brave Navy Seals that gave their lives to try and save them. 

By totally ignoring this tragic event in our history the Senator and the aspiring President must assume that most Americans forgive and forget. Not in this case as millions of us still bow our heads in shame remembering the loss of these Patriots without any action on the part of those in charge.


Excited About The Future

Dear Rick,

Thankfully my campaign ended with a victory. It is always good when hard work is rewarded by attaining the goal, in this case, winning a seat on our Town Board. I certainly did not do it alone; and I would like to sincerely thank all of the voters who went to the polls and voted for me. My thanks also go out to all my friends, family and campaign team for their support and the many hours they tirelessly put in working toward my election.

While my campaign meant long days and non-stop schedules, it also gave me the opportunity to meet so many of the East Hampton residents I will be representing come January 1. People generously greeted me at their homes, and offered encouragement and support at delis and post offices, when they stopped to talk with me and tell me their concerns.

I must also congratulate all the other winners who were elected along with me. I am excited about the future work I will be doing with the new administration. Clearly, as we all learned from the numerous forums and debates we participated in, there are many important issues facing the Town, which the new Town Board must tackle and resolve.

There is one thing I know for sure and that is that I will never waver in my promise to represent all East Hampton Town residents with honor and integrity.

I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to continue my work for the community that has been my life-long home.


Headed For Italy

To the Editor,

The East Hampton High School choral group, Camerata, would like to thank all of the community members, including our parents, who supported the fundraiser held at Bostwicks on November 4th. It was a fun and relaxing evening for all.

We would like to extend our overwhelming gratitude to Kevin Boles and Chris Eggert. They generously donated their restaurant, food and drinks, staff and time. You have all helped us raise over $10,000 for our trip to Italy. Thank you!

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season!


Stacking The Deck

Dear Rick,

November 21 is our own "D" day in East Hampton. The outgoing board members, who all along have disregarded the people to favor their special interest groups, are at it again. One parting shot and thumb in the eye of every resident of the town.

A hearing on capital expenditures, for the town airport and a back door attempt and seeking FAA funding to keep us as indentured servants, for another 20 years is in their agenda. Payback for the 15 vote landslide that kept Wilkinson in office. Right, Tommy boy?

I urge town residents to attend the hearing at town hall, to prevent the stacking of the deck by Tom Twomey et al.

This is an attempt to keep us as indentured servants for another 20 years – currently the expiration (December 2014) of the grant assurances that come with accepting FAA funding will allow us to take control of the facility to lessen the impact on daily living.

Three million for an abandoned runway that the FAA labeled as unnecessary and dangerous? The FAA is quoted as stating it will not contribute any funding for a tertiary runway it considers unnecessary "based upon historical wind conditions runway 16/34 offers better marginal coverage." Over $900,000 for lighting construction and design for a taxiway that is now an operational runway?

In case Wilkinson, Quigley and Stanzione don't know it, "we are the special interest group" that needs to be served.


Breaking The Ice

Dear Editor,

The article "Icy Frontier" in the October 2013 Military Officer magazine outlines the need for the U.S. to become more involved in the Arctic region.

The melting ice could open up the Arctic Ocean to new shipping routes between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans which will cut 4,500 miles off the shipping lanes. The Arctic area contains a vast amount of oil and natural gas to be discovered and processed into energy.

Russia is restoring an old military base on the New Siberian Islands, off Eastern Siberia. A garrison is stationed there, and an airfield and naval facilities are under construction. President Putin wants to use the base to enhance Russia's economic and security interests in the Arctic. Russia is also constructing a number of new ports in the Arctic and building nine new icebreakers to supplement 10 existing icebreakers.

The U.S. Navy lacks facilities in Alaska and does not have icebreakers. It has to rely on old USCG icebreakers for support.

The U.S. should evaluate the feasibility of constructing infrastructure in the Arctic and look at the possibility of establishing joint facilities with Canada. We need to bolster our complement of icebreakers.


Let It Be Known

Dear Editor,

The citizens of Texas elected Ted Cruz to do a job. They wanted Obamacare repealed, defunded, just plain gone. He came to Washington with absolutely no big fake airs about him. He let it be known why he was elected and the job he intended to do, he was open and honest, unlike the present administration that claims he will be the most transparent president ever.

This president stood by and watched - "oh, no excuse me went to bed" - as Benghazi was under fire with no help on the way, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: where was she and her transparency? Must have been working on her acceptance speech, but what difference does it make?

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, everyone will have affordable healthcare, except your bills are going up from $54 to $554? Bargains, right?

The Internet site is down and will probably stay down, but don't worry you will still be fined. If you work for this administration and you blunder on your job what do you get? A promotion, there is absolutely no accountability with this president, only promotions. Who, to this day, is being held accountable for Benghazi?

The IRS is spending fast and furious and spying on American citizens, and on the world. America, thanks to Barack Obama, is the most hated country in the world - not feared, but hated.

Accountability . . . thank you Mr. President for your apologies to the world for your strong ties with the brotherhood of Muslims and for holding so many people accountable.

I dislike your policies but I don't care about the color of your skin, I dislike your arrogance, but don't give a damn about the color of your skin. All the liberals say, "it's the color of his skin!" Please, please try another excuse -this one is too old.

His spending, his, "I'm better than you," attitude, his lack of leadership and his hatred for the Constitution given to us by our founding fathers, and his dream to transform America. Let's blame Bush for Obama adding trillions of dollars to our debt in less than five years, because the liberals claim the GOP had something to do with the computer glitches. Really? OMG! The GOP and the Tea Party get the blame for everything! Let one Republican say something out of line all hell breaks loose.

If you go to the history of Detroit you will find how great this city was, how rich it was at one time, but look at it now and why . . . Democrats, spending and corruption, AND unions broke this city and now that DeBlasio won in NYC it will be the next Detroit. Look at his campaign promises -- take a good look at them.


Timely Story

Ms. Merrill,

Thank you for your excellent and timely cover story about the need at the food pantries in town.

I am the convener for the East Hampton Clericus, the interfaith clergy association of the religious congregations in town. We lead these congregations: Jewish Center of the Hamptons, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Most Holy Trinity RC Church, East Hampton First Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Springs Community church, St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Amagansett Presbyterian Church, Montauk Community Church, St. Therese of Lisieux RC Church.

My colleagues want you to know that our congregations all support the food pantries by collecting and passing on non-perishable food, and by cash donations.

This Sunday at 4 PM we are hosting our annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Amagansett. The offering taken at this service each year is shared among the various food pantries. All are invited to attend.


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