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October 30, 2013

Who Can You Trust?

To the Editor,

What is this election all about? I think it all boils down to TRUTH and TRUST.

I am running as a candidate to provide YOU with a CHOICE.

WHO CAN YOU TRUST to provide strong, independent leadership and open, honest government?

WHO CAN YOU TRUST to restore integrity and capability to the Supervisor's Office and truly provide sound financial management? Do you want an originator or an imitator? Do you want someone at the helm who represents the everyday people who live and work here, or someone who aligns herself with special interests?

I am humbled by the outpouring of support that has been shown to me as my opponent sought to tarnish my record of public service with distortions of the facts, twisted words, and politically-opportunistic manipulations.

People know that they can count on Linda Kabot to stand up for the taxpayers and to be AN INDEPENDENT VOICE of the people.

I am grateful for the support of so many people from all walks of life, from all political stripes, throughout our Town. For me, it's about SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

With your vote on Tuesday, November 5, we can TAKE BACK THE TOWN from Special Interests. We can move Southampton Town forward in the best interests of our community.

It would be my honor to serve you once again as Town Supervisor.

For more information, please visit www.LINDAKABOT.com or call 631-219-7218.


Re-elect Trustees

Dear Rick,

My name is Nat Miller, I am running for re-election as one of your Town Trustees. I am asking for your vote on November 5th; not only for myself but for the 7 other incumbent Town Trustees also seeking re-election.

As a board we function well together and we compliment each other's areas of expertise. As I talk and work with the current Town Trustees, I know that they, too, are aware of the importance of protecting the town's heritage. I want to continue my work with the Trustees to protect our irreplaceable resources.

It is important that the Trustees continue the fight to keep our town beaches open for all users. We work tirelessly and fiercely to make sure the people's rights stay with the people and not just with a select few.

Your vote for myself and my colleagues on November 5th will allow us, as your Trustees, to continue moving forward toward our joint goal of working to preserve our East Hampton heritage, traditions, beaches and waterways.


Rolling Up My Sleeves

Dear Rick,

Before beginning my campaign for a seat on the East Hampton Town Board, I gave running for office again careful consideration and discussed it with my family for around a year and a half. The voters of this town have elected me to hold public office in East Hampton consistently for the past 25 years, serving as a trustee, an assessor and currently as your town clerk.

I believe, my success as an elected official comes from listening to and serving the public as a party-blind public servant. As June approached, I knew that I wanted to continue to be the people's voice of reason and experience; and I started my campaign. I know only one way to approach any job I am called upon to do: roll up my sleeves and get right to work in a thoughtful, civil and respectful manner.

I am pleased to report that Larry Cantwell and I have worked together for many years. East Hampton Press columnist Tom Clavin last week provided a keen insight into the nature of our working relationship when he observed that: "Two such veteran administrators [Larry and me] on the town board sharply decrease the chance of another budget crisis."

Larry and I have always operated with mutual respect, honest debate and civility between us, especially when we disagree on a matter.

The issue of the political make-up of the 2014 Town Board and how it could affect a Cantwell administration has been raised during this campaign. We know today that with Larry running unopposed, the Democratic Party will have a board majority of at least 3 to 2. It is hard not to agree that an entire Democratic Board provides no checks and certainly no balance.

In my view, the election of me and Dominick Stanzione would benefit not only the town, but Larry Cantwell as well. I say this because, firstly, it must be kept in mind that it takes three votes for anything to happen on the board. And, secondly, if Larry is what he claims to be, and I think he is, then he will be open to hearing all sides of a question and will vote the issues based on merit and not based on any pre-conceived, partisan political position that may be attached to the issue.

Clearly, a Board composed of two Democrats and two Republicans (Independents) would provide Supervisor Larry Cantwell with the swing vote, firmer control of his Board and, he truly would be able to govern from the center.

If elected, I vow to continue to serve the people of East Hampton, using the knowledge and wisdom I've gained throughout the years: fairly, respectfully and honestly. My 25 years of experience in public office, along with my 48 years as a safety and community volunteer, means that I do not require on-the-job training or a refresher course in municipal government when taking office in January, 2014. To make this happen I need your vote on November 5th.


Above Partisanship

To the Editor,

For the past few months campaigning for Trustee, I've had a chance to meet a wide variety of our neighbors. Mornings at various delis and groceries, in front of the supermarkets and post offices, at community gatherings, it's been remarkable. The great majority of our residents are polite, a few not, some interested and a lot of folks neither voters, nor residents. Many are tourists or temporary residents, some who vote here, most who don't; others, economic migrants here to cater to the rest of us in season, and support themselves and their families. All good: this is America.

The over 350 year old position of East Hampton Trustee has been continuously at the heart of town government upholding the public's unrestricted rights to access our beaches, however they may choose, and fulfill the expectations of the Freeholders and Commonalty, all of us who live and own property here, that our town's waterways, common lands, bottom lands and their bounty will be available for their responsible use, remain healthy and thrive. No news there: you've heard it before. Trustees are the conscience of East Hampton.

The resort town in which we are fortunate to live, each of us "local by choice," whether here for 13 generations or voting in your first local election, is faced with critical environmental and property issues: erosion and encroachment are just two. The Trustees' are your representatives, you, who are the largest landholders in East Hampton, you who freely use the beaches, fish, clam, scallop, swim, boat and dive here, you who breathe our sweet air, and you who are here to enjoy a quiet life in a beautiful place. Vote now with an eye not to the past, but to the future.

Choose trustees who will help you create the kind of town you, your children, and theirs will want to live in. Choose trustees who will advocate for your rights, and your environment, to deal with crowding, water quality, and pollution of every type, whether in the air or water. All are connected.

Each major party is running a full slate of nine candidates. Many of the candidates are cross-endorsed by other parties, though notably neither the Democrats or Republicans have allowed their parties to do so. I find that unfortunate. Trustees should be above partisanship.

The ballot itself may be confusing. You need to choose nine trustees, but realize that you can vote for any nine, or only one, on any line. You just can't vote for the same name twice. (Shucks!) All eighteen candidates are running against each other; seven are incumbents. I am listed only on the Democratic line, and I want to serve you.


Local Experience

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I attended CCOM's debate on Sunday to hear my son-in-law, Carl Irace. Carl did really great and I don't think there is any room for debate on that subject. He spoke about how he would use his broad and extensive courtroom experience to improve efficiency in the administration of the Justice Court, bring back Youth Court, and start a Drug Treatment Court.

Carl's opponent didn't even respond to the statement that Carl has three times as many cases this year in East Hampton Justice Court alone despite the fact that his campaign slogan is "local experience counts." Obviously he doesn't mean courtroom experience.

What shocked me the most was that Carl's opponent denied the need for Drug Court when the cover of another local paper had an article about how the school board is considering deploying drug-sniffing dogs in the high school because of the ever-increasing drug problem. Drug Treatment Court is a basic service that is available in every other East End town.

I was a registered nurse and a high school teacher for 34 years. I know what addiction does to young people and how it can tear families apart.

I had a sweet, intelligent student one year that constantly found himself in trouble because of his obvious addiction to drugs. After working in the emergency room, and dealing with hundreds of teenagers the signs become obvious.

He was arrested for minor crimes over the years because of his addiction, and he was treated like a criminal instead of a troubled youth or addict. He ultimately died of a drug overdose. I believe he could have been helped by the consistent interaction and rehabilitative methods employed in a Drug Treatment Court.

I encourage you and your readers to vote for the candidate that has new ideas to make our court a better place. Vote for Carl Irace on November 5th for East Hampton Town Justice.


22 Crash Drive


If the 2013 East Hampton Town Board election was a football game, one could say that it's the fourth quarter with two minutes to go. Ball is on the opponent's two-yard line and it's fourth and goal. The score is close and yet team Gonzalez feels that they have left nothing to chance. Our Captain Kathee Burke-Gonzalez is running for the town board and the rest of the team - Nina, Burke, and myself - are ready to get her into the end zone.

When the bus left the house, nine months ago, it was basically the four of us. I'm proud to tell you that there is standing room only, on Kathee's bus, today. The denizens on the bus represent a kaleidoscope of East Hampton.

Guess what, Rick? There are even some Eagles, Redskins and Cowboy fans on the bus.

Kathee has read her playbook and is aware of the many challenges that face our town. Kathee has been the first one at the practice facility in the morning, meeting and listening to the folks of our town. Kathee has put in the long hours getting ready for the debates.

Kathee has been listening and already building consensus, on which will be the correct plays to call in the future. Kathee is a believer in the quality of life of our citizens as well as the quality of life of small law abiding businesses.

Kathee believes in fiscal responsibility. Her record speaks loudly at Springs School where she was instrumental in saving the taxpayers over $4 million over the last couple of years. She helped achieve these savings while working under a two percent tax cap.

Kathee has endured the cheap personal fouls from the cheap shot players on some of the other teams. Guess what, Rick? Kathee is a lot tougher than those folks, just by the simple fact that she is willing to put herself out there and stand up for her beliefs. We gotta huddle up.

While some other candidates are looking at their play books arguing about what trick play they might call, "ah I wrote this play it's a flea flicker end around out of the two tight end set," or "gosh I've been playing this game for so long I should just get an automatic touchdown."

Guess what, Rick? Team Gonzalez is going old school. We are going with a 22 crash dive up the middle, red alert blocking, on two. That's right we are giving Kathee the rock, right up the middle.

Nina, Burke and myself humbly ask that folks jump on our offensive line and help get Kathee in the end zone.

Vote Kathee Burke-Gonzalez row A, November 5th.


Make Wise Policy

Dear Rick,

Town Board candidates Job Potter and Kathee Burke-Gonzalez will bring expertise, commitment, and good sense to the East Hampton Town Board where they are sorely needed. They know that our residents need to be able to make a living and have an affordable place to live in. They're committed to preserving open space, public access to our beaches, and dealing with coastal erosion before it's too late. We can count on them to consider all these interests in making wise policy.

In eight years on the town board, Job used his negotiating skills and a respectful disposition to bring about land preservation, historic preservation, and affordable housing.

In nine years on the Springs School Board, the last two as president, Kathee skillfully confronted the financial crisis created by a 22 percent increase in enrollment and a $9,000 per student increase in the tuition Springs pays to East Hampton High School.

To keep taxes down, she helped save $4 million for Springs taxpayers. She then guided the community to consensus on how best to cut another $800,000 per year from expenses without sacrificing education.

We need Kathee and Job on the town board. I urge everyone to vote for them next Tuesday on Row A.


Your Vote Is Needed

Dear Editor,

Fred Overton is the most qualified candidate running for a council seat on the East Hampton Town Board this year. Fred observes, finds solutions, and acts to carry them out. For instance, one of Fred's first hires as Town Clerk was a Latino employee. He also kept all his staff during budget cuts by sharing them with other departments during off-peak times.

As Commander of the East Hampton Town American Legion Post 419, Fred brought his post and his executive team to 21st century standards. He is the epitome of a smart, talented, local man who understands that all those who make up East Hampton are vital to each other's well being.

Please vote for Fred Overton this November 5th. Your vote is needed to help choose Fred to serve us, and our Town.


Hamptons Brand

To the Editor,

When Anna Throne-Holst ran for Southampton Supervisor, the Republican Party appeared to be in a state of flux. Initially I believed that Ms. Throne-Holst and Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor would bring a measure of objectivity. In her own words, Ms. Throne-Holst promised to keep an open door to all members of the community.

Ms. Throne-Holst didn't keep her word and Mr. Gregor wound up clashing with his constituency and colleagues.

Be that as it may, as a woman homeowner my concerns revolve around safety and personal finances both of which appear to be in jeopardy, not because of increases in town taxes which are really a small percent of the overall cost of maintaining a home, but rather because of a lack of civil procedures that protect homeowners from opportunists who, as pointed out by Town Council candidate Jeff Mansfield in his interview with The Independent, "want a piece of the Hamptons brand."

I'm sure Ms. Throne-Holst is a lovely person but from my perspective she's not the consensus-builder her handlers allege. Instead she seems to have embraced a type of zero-sum approach that, in my opinion, has slowed property values and the value of the Hamptons brand, particularly west of the canal.


High Regard

Dear Editor,

I have observed East Hampton Town Board candidate Job Potter over the years and have a high regard for his integrity and abilities. As a councilman, he led the Community Preservation Fund effort that produced 120 individual purchases of open space for the town.

He worked successfully with New York State and Suffolk County, non-profits, landowners, and most needed right now -- his fellow board members of both parties.

As a real estate professional, I understand what it really means to accomplish 120 closings -- each deal has its individual challenges, personalities, and negotiation to a fair price. It takes cooperation, patience, vision, and determination.

I am supporting Job Potter on November 5th, and am asking my friends to do so as well.


Commitment To Town

Dear Rick,

I'm writing to express my support for the election of Job Potter as East Hampton Town Councilperson. I have known Job for many years, several of those years working with him during his previous tenure on the town board. During that time, Job was the town board liaison to our Department of Human Services. As such, I experienced first hand his commitment to the people of our town, their needs and best interests.

In addition to providing careful, respectful, professional and fiscally responsible oversight of the operations of the Department, he actively interacted with the staff, becoming knowledgeable about its programs and the people it served.

He also worked with us on many community partnership projects. Among these were a Montauk grassroots group working on developing child day care for Montauk working parents, mental health issues, youth programs, affordable housing, a partnership with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services to establish the first full time County Health Center in East Hampton, and partnering with schools, the East Hampton Day Care Center and other community based agencies to develop the beginnings of Project Most.

A vote for Job Potter, Larry Cantwell, and Kathee Burke-Gonzalez is a vote for the good, responsible, responsive town government by people with the experience and commitment to our environment and the best interests of the people of East Hampton that we need.


Elephant And Mouse

Dear Rick,

A shameful political event took place on Sunday 10/13 in front of the Washington Veterans Memorial. The veterans were prevented from entering the memorial, it having been fenced off due to the government shutdown or more precisely, the GOP Government Shutdown.

And who would ironically, one might say dishonestly, show up to "commiserate" with the disheartened veterans? None other than the very ones primarily responsible for initiating the unnecessary and destructive action which they championed and cheered when they succeeded. They were Ted Cruz, his echo Mike Lee and the ever-ready opportunist, half governor Sara Palin.

They soulfully decried with repeated speeches the horrible injustice at hand, much to the cheers of the vets, while of course blaming it on President Obama. There was also the Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman doing the ever popular trump, "Obama the Muslim" shtick, and all with the Confederate flag as well as the infamous Gadsden, "Don't Tread On Me" flag held proudly aloft.

I cringed hearing my fellow veterans being duped by these outright liars who were taking advantage of their grief and making make fools of them merely to further their very own political ambitions. Perhaps there are still enough of the old guard Republicans left to be Tea-ed off at this cyst festering in their party and lance it once and for all before it infects the entire party.

There is the old adage of the elephant being terrified by a mouse. Let us hope that it is merely an anecdote and that the true symbolic Republican figurehead displays greater courage.


Able To Act

To the Editor,

East Hampton voters will face a once in a lifetime opportunity on November 5, 2013 to solve the problem of aircraft noise. This year's town board election will determine Town policy for managing East Hampton airport for the next 20 years.


But, the aircraft noise problem our airport creates, not only for residents of our Town, but for the entire East End, will only be solved if candidates embracing Quiet Skies Coalition principles are elected.

Airport noise has been a problem for decades, and is now much worse. Increasing use of our airport of helicopters, jets and seaplanes by the ultra-rich has ruined the peaceful enjoyment of our homes, properties, and natural habitats. East Hampton Town Board can legally control noise by setting reasonable business hours and curfews, closing the airport on weekends, limiting numbers of flights in a given time period, and completely excluding some of the noisiest aircraft – but, only if the Town Board stops taking Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant money.

The town currently has contractual obligations to the FAA, which expire on December 31, 2014.

Then, the Town of East Hampton, as owner and operator of this airport will be able to act! The town will be able to operate a safe and QUIET airport paid for by airport users, which is respectful of the rights of residents to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and properties, without abandoning the rights of our community to another twenty-year contract with the FAA.

The Quiet Skies Coalition maintains: these are our skies; this is our airport! The airport can be financially self-supporting and the Town of East Hampton must not take any more FAA money until the noise problem is solved and the FAA accepts East Hampton's reasonable aircraft access limits for noise control.

QSC surveyed all four candidates for East Hampton Town Board to see if they agree with our position.

Job Potter and Kathee Burke-Gonzalez agree and therefore achieve an endorsement by the Quiet Skies Coalition.

Councilman Dominick Stanzione and Fred Overton did not respond to the survey. However, recent reports show Mr. Stanzione seems determined to surrender the Town's proprietary rights again, if reelected.

This is our community's last chance to effectively solve the problem of airport noise. Really.


Weak In The Knees

Dear Rick,

Running for town-wide office is an incredibly humbling, tremendously gratifying, and at times a thoroughly anxiety provoking experience. Time and time again over the course of the last six months I hurled myself out of my comfort zone, sometimes a little weak in the knees, only to discover that the rewards were beyond my wildest dreams.

Over the course of the last six months I have had the privilege to meet and speak to hundreds and hundreds of residents from Wainscott to Montauk. Whether they were grabbing a cup of coffee before work, or picking up their mail at the post office during lunch, or shopping for their weekly groceries, they took the time to stop and meet me and smile.  And for that I am incredibly grateful.

The last six months have been an incredible journey. One I hope to continue. Next Tuesday, November 5th, our community will decide who they want to represent them on the Town Board. I hope that our community will give me the opportunity to serve. On Election Day, please vote on Row A for Kathee Burke-Gonzalez for East Hampton Town Board.


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