October 09, 2013

Is It Wise?

To the Editor,

It is only fair in an election to compare the public record of East Hampton's Town Board candidates. We know that Fred Overton and Dominick Stanzione are in office and accountable for events right now.

Can it be said that Job Potter was ever really accountable for his time on the McGintee era Town Board? As East Hampton was sliding to a $30 million deficit, Councilman Potter was helping to fabricate the 2005 and 2006 budgets that took the Town off the cliff and down a deficit slope.

His votes turned a modest budgetary surplus at the end of 2004 into an escalating $3.3 million deficit at the end of 2006. The deepening trend continued in 2007 with its $9 million deficit and culminated with the infamous $30 million deficit in 2008. These deficits derived from the budgets concocted by completely Democratic town boards.

Interestingly, former Councilman Potter was Bill McGintee's pick to serve on a town financial advisory panel once the disaster they created became apparent in 2008. One would think that Job Potter might have demurred, after helping to cause the mess, but at that time the scope of governmental failure was not yet fully accepted by those responsible.

All of the members of the town boards that were complicit in the destruction of East Hampton's financial standing stepped away from office without seeking re-election. Is it wise to give one of that group another chance at our taxpayer dollars?


The Buck Stops

Dear Editor,

Understandably Della Femina missed a few squares on the playboard of Barack's Bullsh*t BINGO. For every time BAM raises his eloquent rhetorical voice with a few predictable code words, your move is to jump up, lick your O lapel pin, and respond with: "Bullsh*t!"

Whilst giving the American people immortal classics equal to George Washington's or Ben Franklin's famed quotes, Barack's Bullsh*t BINGO had squares with:

"You can keep your present plan," "Fiscal Responsibility," "Inherited," "Unprecedented," "The system is broken," and the best yet: "The worst economy since the Great Depression." The game missed the most important point for every liberal and Obama voter to know -- and they do. Where the buck stops.

We know where the buck stops and in unison we rise and shout:

"BINGO! It's ALL Bush's Fault."

We must remember that since the takeover by Democrats of America's purse strings and both houses of Congress eight years ago in 2006, the 2008 economic crash and everything since is, Bush's Fault!

"It's Bush's Fault" is missing from the squares on Barack's Bullsh*t BINGO and that is unacceptable because we all know it's all Bush's Fault.

Hurricane Katrina was Bush's Fault, Bhengazi was, the IRS attacking conservatives only, as well as the SuperStorm that hit the East Coast a year ago. All Bush's Fault. So is the fact that your home lost 40 percent of its value, and that today there are 50 million Americans eat courtesy of food stamps because Republicans failed to provide free condoms for Sandra Fluke's mom.


Blame Game

Dear Editor,

Our representative Tim Bishop wrote in his October 5 newsletter: "So why is the shutdown continuing with no end in sight? Because many in the Tea Party-controlled House GOP caucus think their backwards agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act is more important than America's well-being. They lost the fight over Obamacare in the courts and at the ballot box, so now they are recklessly using the government as a bargaining chip."

No, Congressman Tim. Passing the blame won't work. The reason there's a government shutdown is because the union, black, minority, equality and dependency industry in the Democratic caucuses cynically and opportunistically slammed a tyrannical law through in the middle of the night behind closed doors that the majority of the American people didn't want and didn't need.

They pursued this path after they locked out of the negotiations the political opposition, succeeding in nationalizing and expropriating 18 percent of the American economy thought their backward agenda to impose the unpopular Unaffordable Care Act, which was more important than America's well being.

The Democrats in an absolutist refusal to negotiate a legitimate improvement or delay to implement the law that is clearly defective and not ready for prime time, left for holiday the entire weekend before, setting up the conditions for the government shutdown.

The Republicans had nothing to do with the Democrat's decision not to negotiate. The reader should consider the consequences of an absolutist relationship with one's partner wherein one refuses to discuss with the other the most vital issues in the partnership. Now you all know who shut down the government, and it was not the Republicans!

According to every poll not out of Think Progress, MoveOn and Common Dreams, the people were quite satisfied with their coverage. They were insured up to the hilt and had no issues. Ten percent of the people - mostly law-breaking illegal aliens, aka "Undocumented Democrats" - were not insured. Incidentally, the American People knew that to insure these people would have been dramatically less costly than to overhaul one of the world's most advanced and efficient medical systems.

But never mind, in the cause of equality - as everything in the liberal mind devolves to issues of equality - the Kenyan Empty Suit ruling us and his socialist mates decided that it would be better to duplicate the medical advances others enjoy in Cuba, Venezuela, Kenya and Yemen at worst, or at best to get what Canada and the UK have; whereas in the first a patient only has to wait seven months for an MRI, a year for knee replacement surgery, and in the latter where the entire nation has bad breath caused by their rotting teeth falling out.


A Non-Debate

To the Editor,

When is a debate not a debate? When unopposed supervisor candidate, Larry Cantwell is listed amongst the debaters. Yes, I am a registered Republican and the person who was unsuccessful in my attempts to get Larry Cantwell at the top of our ticket. My thoughts about the recent debate at the GGG have nothing to do with politics.

After re-running the debate in my mind I kept saying to myself: What is wrong with this picture? The answer is a "debate," for me, should be between contested Town Board candidates. How can I know and assess the positions of the Democrat candidates if their responses are filtered through the head of their ticket, Larry Cantwell.

It is fine if Mr. Cantwell is given the opportunity to make both an opening and closing statement at the debate but anything more, whether meaning to or not, comes off as three against two during the debate.

This appears to give an unfair advantage to Job and Kathee when their opponents, Fred and Dom have no one present on the panel to "correct" an inadvertent slip, should it become necessary.

Mr. Cantwell has done a fine job of making his positions on Town issues and leadership well known to the voting public. How about letting us hear, unimpeded, what Fred, Dom, Job and Kathee will do if elected to the Town Board?

Indeed, Mr. Cantwell actually has spoken on this topic on several occasions. In his statements he has agreed that one of the results of no opposition candidate will be to exclude him from the debates. He offered this very fact as a reason to decline the Republican endorsement in the hopes that he would have an opponent with whom he could debate the issues.

Mr. Cantwell is not unique in his position during this campaign cycle. Interestingly, there are other candidates who are unopposed, and even some who are opposed, and they are not seated on the dais involved in the debates.

I would proposed that if the sponsors of the remaining debates do not remove Mr. Cantwell from participation, that Mr. Cantwell, staying true to his prior statements, withdraw himself as an active debate participant.


Sprouting Signs

Dear Editor,

It's election time, a time for a new crop on Long Island . . . lawn signs.

"It does not get more grass roots than this!" Mary Eisenstein thinks as she pounds her signs into the ground all over town.

"This is the true spirit of the democratic process. With each sign I push into the ground I reinforce my reasons for running for Town Board. It is about our land, our roots and our community."

Mary Eisenstein is a first time candidate here in Southold. She has made a commitment to creating a more sustainable Southold and to help preserve the quality of lifestyle we all enjoy here on the North Fork of Long Island.

Mary Eisenstein is also an expert in communication and negotiation. She has committed her skill set for a stronger Southold Town.

Vote for her on November 5th!


Biggest Bivalve

Dear Rick,

What a great turnout this past Saturday for the East Hampton Town Trustees' annual Largest Clam contest. Thanks to so many for coming out on a cloudy day to look at some very large "chowders" to us locals and bivalve mollusks to others (like Trustee Stephanie Talmage).

For 23 years I have been bringing my homemade Bonac chowder to the event and dishing it out with help from the Trustees to a very eager crowd. They must have liked it because there was very little left by the time the event was over.

A question we hear a lot at the event is: What happens to the clams after the contest? I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that while the large clams are good in chowder, the contestant clams get thrown back into their home waters in our harbors and bays. The Trustees would not have it any other way. It goes along with their belief in preserving and protecting our natural resources.

After chowder duty, I went and shucked clams and oysters with some Trustees for the crowd. There is nothing better than oysters and clams right out of our local waters. It was not long before we ran out of oysters.

After the largest clam judging, where the winner weighed in at around 2.4 pounds (the clam not the clammer!), there was still a line of hungry clam lovers.

Each year people are invited to bring their homemade chowders and prizes are awarded. This year's winner was Bonacker, Tink Schultz, Bill's wife.

It doesn't surprise me that this wonderful family event just gets more popular each year. It was another great day for our community and good to see support for our Trustees, local fishermen and the environment.


A Follow Up

Mr. Murphy,

I would like to thank you and your editorial staff for affording me the opportunity to discuss my platform, including my vision for the Southampton Town Highway Department.

As a follow up, I would like to provide my platform.

I believe that the Town Highway Department's current administration is not providing our residents with the level of service they deserve.

Year after year, funds are borrowed for highway improvements and not being spent, which results in taxpayers footing the bill for debt service costs, without receiving the benefit of completed improvements.

A private road in Flanders was paved with public funds. That is illegal - and Mr. Gregor's cavalier attitude when confronted about the subject is inexcusable.

His inability to collaborate with the Supervisor and Town Board has been detrimental to the Highway Department's operations, as is his refusal to listen to the needs of the public, storming out of civic meetings and responding to public inquiries in a rude and condescending manner.

His mismanagement of drainage projects (Lewis Road) has resulted in a loss of $750,000 of sand gifted to a vendor, that could have been used for sanding roads. And to boot, the project does not work, and Mr. Gregor sends two of his crew there daily to manually pump the catch basin.

As Southampton's Highway Superintendent, I will rebuild consensus with the Town Board, ensure that the residents are provided with the improvements they are paying for, and restore the public trust and confidence in the Highway Administration.

Thank you again for this opportunity.



Dear Rick,

Monuments sealed off? With wire? Really? Why did a park ranger let us know that they'd been told to make it as difficult as possible for people to view the World War II Memorial? Because he knew this administration is nothing more than a thugocracy! What else do you call it when they bully 90-year-old vets?

They're defending open-air monuments better than they did Benghazi! When the police show up at the Vietnam Memorial to clear the area out of vets and tourists, it takes more manpower than when it is normally open to the public. That equals more money.

The point? The president wants everyone to suffer, not realizing that the informed public is well aware that he and Harry Reid are the true culprits of this shutdown. Even a NY Times writer says Obama is the most closed, control freak he's ever covered.

The Democratic Senate has rejected multiple bills, sent to them by the House Republicans, to fund parks, vets and appropriate monies for necessary federal employees. Eighty three percent of the government continues to be fully funded and working.

Furloughed employees will be paid, just as they have 17 times before when the government shut down. The president demands all or nothing, no compromise. The only group that is expected to compromise is the Republican House . . . the only Constitutionally mandated source of funding.

The liberals call the people of the United States terrorists, anarchists, extremists, and now even "freedom fiends!" Yes, freedom is the one thing we seek, and freedom cannot be had under the burden of over regulation and over taxation. The current administration is weighing us down in debt that cannot be paid back, putting us in bondage to foreign countries and the Federal Reserve. This cannot stand.


Brain Power Or Gun Powder

Dear Rick,

I used to laugh at the "No-Bama" quip appearing on bumper tags, asking, "Miss Bush yet?" I would harken back to decisions made during that period such as the unnecessary, precipitated Iraq war; tax cuts for his wealthy, least needy base, and so on and on, not to mention Dr. Evil Cheney which still leaves a sour taste merely recalling his very being. I would think to myself, "sure, miss him like I miss the plague." I thought at the time they were about the worst President and administration, (chosen by our 5/4 Supreme Court) inflicted upon our country and the middle class. But that was then and this is now. Sometimes decisions made In haste are decisions too hastily made.

Although my views were and still are diametrically opposed to those championed by the Bush administration, in comparison with today's extreme Right Wing tea infused radicals, they appear to be the very essence of intelligence, a thoughtful consideration. This present clueless Ship of Fools is cruzi-Ing down a river toward a waterfall. Their brain power seems to have been replaced with gun powder. I believe they will get their powder wet.

What amazes me is how this splinter in the side of the Republican Party has been allowed to fester and infect today's already radically Conservative incarnation of what was at one time the Grand Old Party.


Turn On The Heat

Dear Mr. Murphy,

It's Fire Prevention Week October 6-12, 2013. This year's theme is "Prevent Kitchen Fires." Many families gather in the kitchen to spend time together, but it can be one of the most hazardous rooms in the house if you don't practice safe cooking behaviors.

Cooking equipment, most often a range or stovetop is the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries in the United States. Cooking equipment is also the leading cause of unreported fires and associated injuries. So always remember to "watch what you heat."

This is also the season when we set our clocks back and some people traditionally change the batteries in their smoke detectors. We would also like to offer this little known tip. Most detectors installed today have a life span of about eight to 10 years. After this time, the entire unit should be replaced. It is a good idea to write the date of purchase with a marker on the inside of your alarm so you will know when to replace it. Some of the newer alarms already have the purchase date written inside. In any event, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacement.

Another rite of this season, as the temperature drops, is to turn on the heat. Each year in America, more than 150 people die from accidental non-fire related CO poisoning associated with consumer products. These products include faulty, improperly-used or incorrectly-vented fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, stoves, water heaters and fireplaces. It is important that you have your heating system inspected or serviced annually to ensure that it is in good working condition.

Unless your home is completely run on electric and there are no fuel burning sources you are required to have carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide, often called "the silent killer," is a gas you cannot see, taste, or smell. Symptoms of CO poisoning include headache, nausea and drowsiness. Exposure to undetected high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Remember fire safety is something we should all practice every day.



Too Much Discretion

Dear Mr. Murphy,

The Southampton Town Democratic Committee has written testimonials in the local newspapers praising current Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, Southampton Town Trustee candidate John Bouvier, and current Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor.

At the same time the Democratic Committee has written gratuitous personal attacks against the Republican candidate for Supervisor, Linda Kabot, that no homeowner would be allowed to make in any newspaper. As a result, one characteristic of the Throne-Holst administration has been the need for homeowners to go to court to defend their right to speak out or to prevent Town officials from harming their quality of life by circumventing civil procedure.

I've said before and will say again that I live in area where many elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, reside. As a result I'm one of the first to be impacted by those who use too much discretion in part because they're comfortable on their home turf where a woman homeowner is disrespected.

Without fail, the issues I raise resurface in other communities and are clearly visible once one knows what to look for.  That's why I can prove that Ms. Throne-Holst and her colleagues don't support the environment, don't support women, and cannot manage projects as they allege. 


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