October 02, 2013

Possible Code Violations

Dear Rick,

This past Saturday I had an opportunity to answer questions along with the other candidates at a debate hosted by the Group for Good Government. Thanks to the GGG for inviting me.

The last 14 years as East Hampton's Town Clerk means I have attended over 800 Board meetings dealing with a vast assortment of topics. Listening at those meetings, together with my prior experience as a Town Trustee and Assessor, gave me an opportunity to answer questions based on historical knowledge.

I am an environmentalist with a concern for Montauk and the potential destruction they face if the Town Board does not act before the end of this year. And as someone who has volunteered with the Springs Fire Department for 48 years, I have witnessed first-hand possible code violations and know that Code Enforcement must have the right tools to do its job.

I know I can work together successfully with anyone, regardless of political affiliation, because I have done so with every job I have held in elective office. I ask for your vote for Town Board on November 5 in order that I may continue to work with others for a better East Hampton. Now is not the time for on the job training.


Larry's Snub

Dear Rick,

Just read Larry Cantwell's renewed dismissal of the Republican voters' offer of support proffered as a result of their September 10 primary. I leave it up to the voters in November as to whether or not the reasoning behind Larry's snub of the second largest party in East Hampton holds water. For me it does not, especially since we keep getting a variation on the same theme -- "petty partisan politics." Great way to start an administration!

Larry's campaign cannot have left any doubt in any voter's mind that he supports his Democrat running mates; and that is fine.

I would expect nothing less. And none of the grass roots Republican voters, who have offered him their line, would expect any less of him either. Where his "reasoning" for refusal of the Republican line breaks down is when he acknowledges that he does appear with the Republican candidates for Town Board on the Independence line. If he is so disturbed by the "appearance" of non-support for his fellow Democrat candidates that may arise (in his mind only!) by heading the Republican ticket, then why did he accept the Independence line and support back when his campaign began?

Again he is incorrect when he says that he heads only one party's ticket with his Town Board running mates. Did you forget Larry, that in addition to the Democrat line you head the Working Families Party ticket also? Remember the Working Families Party with 37 registered voters in East Hampton, whose support you accepted while thumbing your nose at the over 4000 registered Republicans?

Sorry Larry, but all of this makes no sense except when viewed for what it is – playing politics. Something you said would not happen in a Cantwell administration. Funny, I believed you, as did many Republican voters, when you first emerged on the East Hampton Town political scene. I guess politics really does breed strange bedfellows. How disappointing.


A Special Place

Dear Editor,

As one of the organizers of last Saturday's "Bring Your Own Bag" Clean Up at Maidstone Park, I would like to thank my co-hosts, Christine Ganitsch and the Friends of Maidstone, Loring Bolger, the president of the Springs CAC and Deb Klughers, incumbent Trustee and Chair of the East Hampton Town Litter Committee, and the volunteers who showed up to "bend a little" to make the place we live a little better.

One of the best parts of the morning was meeting Frank Ganley and his family members who coincidentally were at the family home for an annual reunion.

Terry Ganley, Frank's mother was also the "parent" and daily caretaker of Maidstone Park, and is remembered by the plaque on the boulder on the south side of the park's access road, where her efforts helped to create the Town Nature Preserve that bears her name, and includes the old Mack Fishing station and the larger adjacent parcel.

Frank and his family have offered to sponsor a Maidstone Clean Up as an annual event, and as president of Duck Creek Farm Association (DCFA), I know we are looking forward to working with him, as I'm sure our co-hosts will be. Although the Ganley clan has spread far and wide, their roots are here in the best tradition of "Local By Choice," my Trustee campaign slogan. Like many of us, Frank is looking forward to moving back when he retires, as are other of his family members.

East Hampton is a special place for us all. As an example, this was not a high-powered media event, but more like a walk in the park with friends. Even so, Job Potter, a member of DCFA and Springs resident was there, and so were Steve Tekulsky and Larry Cantwell, though they live in the Village. We're all grateful for their help in our hamlet.

A special thank you also to Rossetti Perchik of the Clamshell Foundation and Stephen Walsh for their help in cutting up and disposing of about 14 feet of pressure treated abandoned dock that's been on my nerves, and leaching into the wetlands for a couple of months.

I've been harping about neighborliness for a few months now, in particular so that we can all better enjoy Maidstone Park and its beaches.

It's gratifying to know that some people are evidently listening. Thanks to everyone for their help, and finally, to the Town of East Hampton for their daily effort in dealing with this and all of our parks and roads so effectively.

And the next time you see someone throw something out their vehicle's window - throw it back at 'em. I do.


Unwieldy Act

Dear Editor,

I hear that no one reads letters to the editor anymore, well, besides a few political animals like you and me. So I'm wondering if I should even bother to once again warn the people of the East End of the tyranny that is upon us. We are over-regulated, over-taxed - and now unemployed in outrageous numbers.

I can't believe that people continue to vote in those who oppress us with socialistic chains that were for two centuries banished from our shores.

Currently, we are facing the unwieldy Affordable Care Act, which the majority of the voters reject, and this administration has admitted they've had to raise taxes "on a few things" to pay for it. The UN Arms Treaty has been signed by the Secretary of State, while shipping weapons to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, and trying to keep American citizens from owning their own self-defense weapon. Common Core is invading our schools. Plus, this administration has been going to court asking for permission to mandate everything from choice of our religious ministers to adding more regulation to our tax preparers.

Employers are making the necessary cuts in the hours of employees, to stay in business, since they'd go bankrupt paying for Obamacare, which has increased the price of private insurance by 100-300 percent. It seems everything this administration does is pointed toward ruining business and taxing us out of house and home.

That doesn't mean that our state, county and local leaders are blameless. Everyone seems to think they can continue to spend, never cut, and expect that miraculously, somehow, the money to pay off these horrendous debts will suddenly materialize in the future. When business can no longer provide employment, people turn to disability or welfare - but who pays that bill?

The fiat money printed by the Fed has no backing, and if no one is working, no one will be paying taxes, so how long can they continue to pay people not to work? No, the economy is going to crash and almost everyone will feel the pain that is coming. We cannot live like this and expect a society to survive.

Are the voters done with this tax and spend mentality or will they sleepwalk into serfdom? Wake up and don't vote for those who continually find new ways to tax us, and never find a single thing they can eliminate from these bulging budgets.


Undeserved Credence

Hey Rick,

Having endured countless conversations with my Leftist friends just like the ones Jerry so eloquently describes in last week's column, I was chuckling and nodding in sympathy with his frustration at their complete indifference to the facts and details of so many issues.

Sex with an intern in the Oval Office--so what? Obama openly saying he will not enforce certain laws with which he disagrees? No problem, even though he swore an oath to uphold those laws and even though he insists that Obamacare is "the law of the land" and cannot be tinkered with.

Obama's radically left-wing upbringing, the IRS used as a weapon against political opponents, absurd lies about the massacre at Benghazi--what difference does it make?

Yes, we've all been there. But then, wham, out of nowhere comes a gratuitous, irrelevant and totally unfounded swipe at the Tea Party. Fact is, the only real energy and momentum on the Right comes from the Tea Party groups and their focus on the Constitution and the vision of the Founders--limited government, maximum individual liberty, etc.

It was the Tea Party that gave Republicans control of the House, providing the only bulwark, other than talk radio, against the flood of Socialist policies Obama is sending our way. I have attended several Tea Party rallies, and seen many more on TV. They are invariably orderly, polite, and free of the venom that characterizes Occupy events. They even clean up after themselves.

Can it be that the fearless Jerry Della Femina felt he needed to show a little balance so he won't be left out of too many Upper West Side cocktail parties and wine-and-brie openings? If so, there are plenty of old line Establishment Republicans worthy of scorn--the clueless John Boehner, the dotty John McCain, or Old Oatmeal Mouth himself, Mitch McConnell.

But an even better and more deserving target would be the Occupy movement, whose gatherings are rife with vandalism, squalor, violence (including murder and rape), and all sorts of vulgarities and crudities adorning their signs and banners. And unlike the grassroots Tea Party, they are largely funded by the mega-billionaire, America-hating Goldfinger of the Left, George Soros.

Come on, Jerry, there are better ways to make nice with your Leftist acquaintances than to give undeserved credence to the smear campaign against the Tea Party.


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