August 07, 2013

Thin Skinned

Dear Rick,

Wow! Do the anti-East Hampton airport people have thin skins! Mr. Arthur J. French, in reply to my letter, was obviously angered at my questioning the fact that when offered possible solutions to the ongoing (for decades) problems at the airport, this group of people simply closed the door. They use the same old tired arguments!

French seems to feel that as a federally (by the F.A.A) licensed pilot I have no rights to use "his personal airport" due to having my home on Shelter Island. If we use that reasoning maybe all of the people who use Route 114 to cross Shelter Island should be told you cannot use those ferries -- you don't live here.

Has anyone noticed the amount of accidents that are happening on our roadways lately? Kind of makes us pilots look pretty good . . . if you care to compare the statistics.

As to varying the traffic pattern? Once again, we are treated to the intellect of non-pilots. The traffic patterns are a very useful tool given to us for safety. Without carefully followed traffic patterns, the area surrounding the airport would resemble a WWI dogfight scene!

And I would love for Mr. French to tell us, how we can take off and land, at any airport at only high altitudes?

French and his statement about "peace and safety" and that "noise is a problem that can be averted by common sense." Hmm, Mr. French . . . If that is true, and you really want peace and quiet, as I am certain your neighbors must want, as well -- maybe you should take off those loud glass packed mufflers you have on your old Mercury and practice what you preach!

As to my calling anyone "stupid" -- I called no one stupid. All I said was if you are not capable of understanding the rules that we as pilots have to go by, then perhaps you need to learn more about them before you comment!

I was referring to the long gone practice of using dead reckoning. In this day and age of G.P.S no one follows railroads or the L.I.E anymore.

Calm down, Artie, and relax, next to your old, loud car!


(From that foreign land of Shelter Island.)

A Special Thank You

Dear Independent,

Everything came together and the weather couldn't have been more cooperative. Because of storms and high winds early in the night many boaters didn't come into Three Mile Harbor but we still had a great night.

There are a lot of people to thank for making it happen. First of all the Grucci family – they always bring something new into the Harbor. And then there are the Marine Patrol, police and fire departments, and ambulance crew, and all the volunteers who helped make the Great Bonac Fireworks Show a huge success. And a very special thank you to everyone who donated to keep the fireworks going.

One thing to remember is that this show is not a private party – it's a fundraiser that benefits the people, programs, and projects here on the East End. We support the food programs of 10 different churches, have awarded 23 college scholarships to graduating seniors, contributed to the trustees shellfish seeding program and the U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Week, among many other programs.

Please make a tax-deductible donation not only to keep the fireworks in Three Mile Harbor but also to show support for those on the East End.


Love One Another

Dear Rick,

This recent wilting, depressing heat-wave was eased somewhat with a little comedic relief offered up on Tuesday 7/30. An event took place in Washington. Despite being rejected and deemed dangerous by all major physiological organizations, it involved a march on Washington's Supreme Court by the "scores" of Ex-Gays advocating the "curing" of gays of their gayness. We were about to be bowled over by this grand demonstration validating their medicament.

The major Conservative sponsors were, "American Family Radio" and the celebration of "Ex-Gay Pride Month" who confidentially predicted that, "Thousands of Ex-Gays are descending on Washington" to display the validity, success and strength of their movement. Less than 10 showed up; so much for the "Pray Gay Away" faction.

Encouraging also, after 37 years, Exodus International, an organization whose mission was to "help" gay Christians become straight, is not only shutting down but offering an apology. The board of directors voted to begin a new and separate ministry called "Reduce Fear." They say it is founded in John 13-24: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

One must ask, why does it take so damned long for these professed God lovers to see what Jesus was all about, rather than being among the most prejudiced, selfish and self righteous of people. Somehow labeling themselves, "Christian" seems to absolve them of doing unto others, as they would have done unto themselves.


Unpopular Bill

Dear Editor,

I personally think your editorial on Obamacare and Tim Bishop was excellent. I didn't find anything but truth in the article. Mr. Bishop is an ass-kissing Democrat and will do anything in order to get re-elected.

I am not a right-winger or a left-winger -- I am an American that is wondering what happened to this country? Mr. Bishop and every one of the House and Senate should be fired for not reading a bill 2000 pages long put in front of them. This bill concerned every citizen in America and no one read it, while President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, his sidekick, rammed it down our throats.

This is a very unpopular bill, including Congress that refuses to be a part of it, and the unions that laid out $400 million to get Obama re-elected don't want any part of it, all finding this out because now someone has read it.

How many more millions will be added to the rolls of Americans with no health care once employers begin to lay off or cut hours? It will be astronomical. This is not misinformation being thrown out there by loathing right-wingers or Republican governors, this is fact. I am not an Obama loather I can't agree with his politics, and most times I don't think they are his, because he is very busy campaigning or playing, or on vacation.

I personally don't believe innocent people will suffer just to deny the president a place in history, I believe Americans will just plain suffer under his politics.

It's time to stop the garbage that the Republicans won't work with him, as he will not work with anyone, his way or no way. He is taking too much power upon himself, and this is unconstitutional. One other item: who is to say Massachusetts is so happy with their affordable care act? Some say yay and some say nay. It depends on who you talk to.

Mr. Bishop is an Obama-Pelosi puppet and the only thing he has done was add sand to Ditch Beach. Probably because there was so much involved in this summer tourist attraction. Bring in the money, the hell with the locals. Oh wait -- for a contribution he will get you a permit for fireworks near the plovers! In God and country,


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