February 06, 2013

Spirit Of Healing


I would like to join you in the points of view you expressed in your last editorial and say that it feels good to be with each other rather than at each other. We certainly need more equanimity in our politics, whether the issues are national or local.

Certainly there will be differences in how to go about solving problems and at the same time I believe that reasonable people, which sadly does not include all people, can come to consensus if they are not driven by extraneous agendas. For example, there are legitimate differences with regard to deficit spending at this time to help continue job growth and ultimate economic stability. Our leaders and representatives need to parse out what works and not play to their respective bases. That way can be applied to all of the issues you discussed in your editorial.

Hopefully, in the spirit of healing that was implicit in the President's inaugural address we will be able to go forward as a nation united in our quest for justice and economic stability.


Grab History

Dear Editor,

Dreamers can't just dream, or "sing to the choir," they must do the work. Our country is in immense financial and societal trouble. We must demand a stop be made on the skid into financial disaster. If we want families and business to prosper, lower taxes and less government regulation, and our country back on the tracks, we must be involved in the fight. Individuals create real progress, not government, so we must be willing to step forward to lead, no longer as followers.

It will take courage to write the next chapter on this country's history; denial and dependency go hand in hand, giving a false sense of security. We affirm every time the government takes our money they are stealing our future and our rights. The state cannot demand we walk by their every edict.

We didn't build and protect this country with fear or denial. Adams said there will be no moral nation if we don't have a moral people. Problems are opportunities, all we need are courageous people willing to lead and ignore the arrows, because nothing of worth is easy.

We need to grab history and shape it back into Constitutional principles. American principles never go out of style. Have you had enough yet? Volunteer, get informed, join, get involved, show up to hear and ask questions and show up to vote.


No Chance

Dear Editor,

A recent study by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service found that cats kill billions more wildlife every year than previously believed. This points to the need to keep our feline family members indoors and to ensure that every cat is spayed or neutered. Cats who are allowed to roam outdoors not only take a massive toll on vulnerable wildlife species such as birds, they often fall victim to cruel fates themselves.

Every year, countless cats who are left outdoors unsupervised are killed by cars, poisoned, attacked by other animals, sickened by contagious diseases, stolen for experimentation, and worse. Keeping our cats indoors will help prevent them from killing or being killed, but as the study points out, homeless cats kill the most wildlife. Spaying and neutering are the keys to preventing more cats from being born only to end up living outdoors, where small animals stand no chance against their claws and jaws.

For the sake of cats and wildlife, please have your cats spayed or neutered and keep them safe in the "great indoors." To learn more, visit www.PETA.org.


Let's All Grow Up

Dear Rick,

We can see by all the controversy the arms issue is a big topic.

It's the blame game. No one wants to cooperate. This can't go on forever.

Now let's take a deep breath and settle down. Yes, we will have to compromise eventually. Agree to agree. Come to a conclusion.

Some laws are out of place in an ever-changing global world. They just don't fit any longer.

Let's get on the same page. Be problem solvers, not problem makers. For the good of the country. For all of us. Instead of being stuck in a quagmire. Let's act civilized. Get on with it. Find a solution. Act like grownups. It's like you are all saying "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine."

Does that sound grown up?

The world's watching you folks.


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