November 28, 2012

Always Oppressive

Dear Editor,

Obama believes that government has the answers to almost everything. History has shown otherwise. In fact, allowing government to solve the people's problems has, historically, been bad news for liberty and freedom.

That perspective is probably why Thomas Jefferson, one of our freedom loving Founding Fathers, said, "I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government, it is always oppressive."

Did you notice that Jefferson said that a very energetic government is always oppressive? Ergo, a vote for Obama is a vote for more oppression. It is why, fair reader, I do not understand why any true American would vote for him. I wrote the first two paragraphs before the election. So, now, three weeks later, I will admit that I remain shell shocked because I had become hopeful of a different outcome. And because I love America so much for the freedom she has given to me, I am more discouraged than ever about her future because Obama believes in a "very energetic government."


Skirted Around

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I have a few more observations about the last election. I was struck by the accuracy of The Independent's political analysis, yet none of the candidates endorsed were elected. This may have been so because, even though The Independent accurately described the issues, both parties appear to have skirted around the solutions. For example, both parties endorsed the Wall Street bailouts with Democrats promising a major overhaul of the flawed financial system that led to the economic meltdown.

The Democrats didn't really keep that promise, but then Republicans didn't demand that the flaws be corrected either. As for the Bishop/Altschuler race, Mr. Bishop, an avowed environmentalist, seemed to abandon those principals for the type of "big money" that Democrats allege gravitates to Republicans. On the other hand, Mr. Altschuler didn't demand that the environment, which happens to be important to the East End economy, be protected. So who to vote for?

Two other issues emerged that I believe gave Democrats the edge: free speech and women's rights. Some Republicans and Democrats suggested that malicious postings on the Internet be censored. However, while most users abhor nasty commentary, as pointed out in several Independent editorials, most (particularly younger tech-savvy voters) don't want their usage censored.

President Obama defended free speech, the point being free speech should not be interpreted to mean support of disgraceful speech. However, none of the local Democrats followed President Obama's lead on this issue.

As for women's issues, the Republican Party gives the appearance of having moved to the fringe but that doesn't mean that a woman will get elected simply because she's a woman. Most of the women who won Senate races did so based on reputations for standing tough on issues discussed by The Independent such as abuses by the financial industry and the need for safety nets for American workers. In short, I believe many of these issues could have been embraced in a different context at the local level by Bridget Fleming including support for free speech as I'll explain.


Editor's Note: We endorse who we believe to be the best candidates, not who think will win the races.

Coordinated Effort

Letter To The Editor,

On behalf of the officers and members of the Springs Fire Department, I would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations of tools and supplies that were donated to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Breezy Point and The Rockaways, both in Queens.

Power Equipment Plus, East Hampton

Amagansett Lumber

Springs Hardware Store

Waldbaums, East Hampton

One Source Tool, Southampton

Lowe's, Riverhead

Wal-Mart, Riverhead

With their generosity our department was able to fill several trucks with supplies and through a coordinated effort deliver them to areas hit extremely hard by the hurricane.

With the struggling economy it is comforting to know that local businesses are willing to help another community in need during these though times.


Photo Op

To The Editor,

If any fool thinks that the President was getting ready for the storm, this is laughable. He was getting ready for his photo-op with governor Chris Christie, -- this way he shows, "hey I'm here" -- but he couldn't wait to run off and campaign.

Christie cow-towed for a check for his state. Boy oh boy, phony politicians, can't even look one another in the eye without a camera around. I don't believe any human being would stoop so low as to advise us in the newspaper that Mitt Romney could not handle this situation. Do you live in his head or just repeat the garbage the rest of the liberals spew out? I find it funny that the press and the politicians have a new word each week, this week it is lamentable -- funny I heard it on at least four liberal news stations, puppets.

Another new phrase – "under investigation" – sound familiar? You will be hearing this for a long time.


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