November 21, 2012

A Helping Hand

Dear Editor,

East Hampton town's CSEA executive board would like to take the time to acknowledge and thank its members for the job they have done in our community before, during and after Hurricane Sandy. All too often people forget that unions and the civil servants within them work for the people of the community. The relationship between town residents and the workforce is important.

The last couple of weeks have been hard for everybody in the wake of a horrific storm that devastated parts of the east coast and unfortunately made its way into our small town. Even going unnoticed at times, our community has depended on each other to lend helping hands and to make sure that we were able to safely function as a whole. Being prepared for the storm was crucial and interdepartmental cooperation was absolutely necessary.

Communication between our workforce and the residents was critical in making sure that we were going to get through this storm with minimum damage and maximum efficiency. We told our members that our role was to keep the community safe and the town operational. Before the storm the Supervisor had declared a State of Emergency for that Monday and Tuesday. He made it clear in the press that residents were to stay home and off the roads, so that the town workers could safely and effectively do their jobs.

Between high winds, rain, power outages and flooding in some areas every one of us knew we were going to play an integral part in the town's recovery efforts. Our members were utilized in every way possible, from making sure our roads were clear and safe to having staff answering phones and assisting residents. Cooperation with law enforcement was crucial as well for the closure of some roads and areas. Some of our members were used overnight in the East Hampton High School Emergency Shelter to lend a helping hand to community residents, while other members were moved around to where they could be utilized more effectively.

During the power outages we made sure that the town buildings had the generators up and running and resources were readily accessible. Any information that residents may have needed during or after the storm was important for us to have. Short staffing and long hours made some tasks more difficult than usual.

At the same time we all made sure that we were able to safely and efficiently perform our responsibilities for the safety and functional ability of our community and its residents. The weeks after the storm, recovery efforts have been in full effect and every member has been able to help in their own way. Natural disasters can tear communities apart but they can also bring a community together.

The CSEA and its members feel that our relationship with our community has strengthened since Hurricane Sandy. That is why CSEA wants to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the union members and residents of the Town of East Hampton for working together to ensure a safe and smooth post Hurricane recovery.


Springs School Girls Tennis Team

Dear Rick,

2011 was a tough season for Springs School girl's tennis team going 1-6 for the season.

The girls brought Spring School spirit, enthusiasm and passion but where they came up short was with experience. How do you come back from a season like that?

Well in 2012, they put the 2011 season behind them and came out fighting. What do I mean by fighting? Being no strangers to adversity and knowing that Springs School athletes never say die, returning players Kasey Brabant, Ruby Talmage, Michelle Nguyen and Phoebe Hines brought their experience and toughness to lead Springs to a 5-0 start of the season taking out everyone in their path! They finished up the season 5-2-1. The addition of 8th graders Diana Aguilar, Emily Driver, Alex Vecchio and Hannah Rosario led to many contributions to a victorious season. Also big time contributors, our 7th graders and future stars Lila Edwards, Maddy Schenck and Tali Friedman who hopefully will lead us to another successful season next year.

Congratulations! And thank you to the 2012 Springs School Girls Tennis Team!


The Lady Parts

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I have a couple of observations about the last election. I'm a little puzzled by State Senator Ken La Valle's post-election comment that he defeated Bridget Fleming because the vote was for a suburban rural majority agenda not a New York City agenda. Since the last Republican Suffolk County Executive was allegedly engaged in ethics violations whereas the last two Republican mayors of New York City were highly-regarded moderates, it would seem Mr. La Valle's bid for re-election was enhanced to some degree by New York City values. Perhaps Mr. La Valle is asserting that eastern Long Island is more conservative than New York City, however, Democrat Tim Bishop defeated conservative Republican Randy Altschuler and President Barack Obama carried the East End.

The Independent made a good point in a recent editorial by questioning conservative Republican emphasis on what comedian and political commentator, Bill Maher, called "the lady parts," and in my opinion, Mr. Altschuler missed an opportunity by failing to provide at least one specific example of how he might have improved the East End economy. As for the "lady parts," this issue was also the focus of Ms. Fleming's campaign.



Dear Rick,

Thank you so much, Rick, for the high regard and affection expressed in The Independent for my husband Marty Rubenstein on his passing away November 4. 


What Went Wrong

Dear Rick,

The election is finally over and the losers are in post election mortem dissecting what went wrong? They will have four years to figure it out. If they do not come to the conclusion that they had the wrong message and the wrong messengers with which to deliver it, they can look forward to the same results four years hence. The shills for the 1 or 2 percent party of the wealthiest lost to those for the 98 or 99 percent party representing the middle class.

As for the messengers, a look at the votes not cast in their favor by those that knew each candidate best is a clear indicator of the level of esteem in which they are held by those whom they served directly. Michigan, Romney family's home turf went for the other guy. And then there was Massachusetts. Romney was Governor there and they also went for the same other guy. Obviously they were not impressed enough with his governorship to vote for him again, this time for president. He lost them both handily. It seems he didn't' develop a following.

Then there was the other guy, young gun Ryan who not only lost his state, the State of Wisconsin, where he was a representative, but his very own town of Jamesville.

If this is the loyalty they have earned, by those who had experienced their leadership, our country is fortunate not having to undergo the same.


Israel Will Strike Iran

Dear Rick,

According to various intelligence agencies Iran could have nuclear armaments ready for use against Israel by early 2013. The devices could be nuclear bombs, or more likely, nuclear warheads on missiles.

Diplomacy by the United States and Western countries has been given a chance, but it has not worked to deter Iran's nuclear program, and Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons.

Israel cannot allow Iran, and its irrational leadership, to have nuclear weapons because two or three nuclear detonations could wipe out Israel. Therefore, Israel must strike Iran with a multi-pronged attack, and it will only have one opportunity to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

Israel's military will have to be on general alert for an Iranian counter strike using conventional weapons. It is doubtful any of the other countries in the Middle East will come to Iran's aid.

Israel cannot count on the Obama administration to come to its aid. President Obama erroneously believes sanctions will work to halt Iran's nuclear armaments program, and at the same time he warns Israel not to strike Iran. Obama, with his coddling of Arab countries, is not a friend of Israel.

Israel's survival depends on military action against Iran.


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