November 14, 2012

Politically Correct?

Letter to the editor,

Another scandal ignored by silence. It seems the American voter is getting used to small doses of tyranny. It has already been determined that we the taxpayers and citizens, supposedly with "inalienable rights," are not permitted to participate in political debates. We must be "politically correct."

We can't be trusted to ask a question from the floor. We must submit our question in writing, to the likes of the League of Women Voters. In this controlled process the question is completely or partially screened and then asked by a third party.

The politicians love it. Also, most polls show that people in the media are not esteemed much higher than our politicians on the respect or trust scale. Yet they too have usurped the job of moderators in presidential and local debates. Is this the democracy that veterans served and died to preserve?

And how about what's going on in Southampton Town Hall? We have a recently appointed a police chief that has just resigned. Now let's return to "silence." For those of you that remember the town board meeting or, I think it was called a "public forum" that ostensibly gave the citizen taxpayer the right to ask questions about the candidates for chief of police.

The only problem with the "Forum" was that Supervisor [Anna] Throne-Holst, and the Town Board didn't participate. That's right, for an appointment to one of the most powerful departments in the town the citizen taxpayer could ask questions, but the town board had stated it would not give answers. Really? Is this America or the Soviet Union at the local level?

The result of that undemocratic, un-American action resulted in the resignation of three senior officers, the dismantling of the critical "Street Crimes Unit," and now amid accusations and innuendos against other officers we have the resignation of the chief. Does anyone hold the board accountable?

Maybe the town board exempted itself from the democratic process and refused to answer the questions of those untrustworthy citizens because of deals made with the Republican Party? For example: the Special Town Election in 2010 when Mr. Republican, sorry, Independence Party, and liberal minded Fred Thiele, had it all setup to have his long time aide Rebecca Molinaro selected as the Republican candidate to fill the vacancy on the Town Board. Even though Thiele is pro-death (abortion) and pro-same-sex (homosexual and lesbian) marriage that the Republicans (at least in word) say they reject; the deal was made.

Not so fast! Some citizen taxpayers didn't like the liberal trend of the party and challenged a primary, and started a petition drive to have Mr. Ron Maloney, a more conservative citizen taxpayer selected. Voila! The Party dropped Molinaro and selected Bill Hughes as the candidate; and then later sandbagged him. Although the conventional wisdom is that the "religious right" did in Mr. Hughes. Not so Bill!

Now, let's look at Mr. Thiele's payback for his generosity to the party in that Special Town Election. You will note that in this last election Fred Thiele was unopposed for his Assembly Seat. My, my, in all of Suffolk County the likes of John Jay LaValle (Party Chairman) and the others of the Republican and Conservative Parties couldn't find a candidate to oppose Mr. Thiele. Something ain't right in River City, and that means trouble right here in Southampton with a capital "T" for the town board, and that rhymes with "P" for the police department.

Not to worry! The town board will probably have another "public forum" or whatever, where you get the chance to ask questions but the board doesn't give any answers.

Does that sound good, open, transparent and democratic? Hardly, but that's what you can expect if you remain quiet, play the "politically correct" game, and allow those elected officials who "serve" the community to keep silent and refuse to answer your questions.

At a time when constitutional freedoms and religious rights are threatened like never before it is imperative that Christians, clergy and others wake up and find out what really is going on behind those politically closed doors. Many see events happening that will require more police involvement with the community. Since the town board has effectively removed all senior local people from the chief of police position, this could be the time to bring in an "expert" from outside to control the population.

Make sure you know what your local elected officials are doing with regard to your democratic safety and security. In Christian Service,


Pastor Southampton Full Gospel Church

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