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October 03, 2012

Unnecessary Innuendo

Dear Rick,

I read your article this past week on the sad tale of Hansom Hills. It is sad because these homeowners and farmers have endured horrendous flooding conditions for well over 10 years with little or no help to alleviate the problem coming from the State, County or local East Hampton government.

That remained so until last year when the Wilkinson administration stepped in and tried to fix the problem and give these residents much needed relief. The job has now stopped amidst political shenanigans and finger pointing. We can argue the fine points about who did right and who did wrong -- but at least something positive was finally getting done.

However, there should be no argument that Wilkinson and Quigley did not shy away from tackling this enormous problem, just like they have done on many other occasions over these past 3 plus years. That is why something you included in the article as a parenthetical aside was so stunning to me.

"Quigley, like Schneiderman, has her eye on the supervisor's seat, should Wilkinson not run (or be passed over by the town's Republican Committee)." (Emphasis added).

As the former Treasurer of that Committee, I find your innuendo that the Republican Committee would not wholeheartedly endorse Bill Wilkinson, should he decide to run again for another term (as I hope he will), shocking.

Given the facts of Bill's extraordinary performance that includes saving the town from fiscal ruin, reducing the size of its bloated government, giving much needed relief to East Hampton taxpayers and tackling such tough problems as Hansom Hills, it would make the Committee look foolish (at best) and disloyal (at worst) were it to shun one of the best examples of not only Republican success but a great example of government reform in the State of New York. Bill has set an example of fiscal accomplishments that other municipalities could only hope to achieve.

I believe that the full Republican Committee stands by Wilkinson and I find your inclusion of minority, self-serving gossip in a news story to be unnecessary and uncharacteristically gratuitous.


Editor's Note: There was no innuendo intended and there is nothing shocking about it. No incumbent is guaranteed a place on the ballot until the committee chooses its candidates. Ask Pete Hammerle and Brad Loewen.

Two Ways Out

Dear Mr. Murphy,

The Town of East Hampton Fire Marshal's Office would like to remind everyone that October 7 through 13 is National Fire Prevention Week.

The reality is when fire strikes, your home could be engulfed in flames in just a few minutes. It is important to have a home fire escape plan that prepares your family to think fast and get out quickly when the smoke alarm sounds. What if your first escape route is blocked by smoke or flames? That's why having two ways out is such a key part of your plan.

This year's theme "Have two ways out" focuses on the importance of fire escape planning and practice. For more information call 631-329-3473.


Chief Fire Marshal

Heartfelt Appreciation

Dear Editor,

To All The Members of the East Hampton Village and Town Police and Fire Departments:

The Board of Education and I would like to send our most heartfelt appreciation out to all of you for your significant participation over Homecoming Weekend. You helped keep our grounds and buildings -- and most importantly, our students, staff, and community members – safe and secure.

Saturday's Homecoming was a wonderful day for East Hampton, from the morning celebration for the Bonac Hall of Fame, to the carnival, the afternoon tennis, volleyball, and soccer matches, the bonfire, and the big game where the Bonackers triumphed over Southampton.

Thank you again for being such an integral part of it all.


Change Needed

Dear Editor,

I think we can all agree that Albert Einstein was a wise man.

One of the more famous sayings attributed to him was describing the definition of insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result."

With just six weeks until Election Day here Suffolk County, that principle certainly applies to five-term Congressman Tim Bishop and this year's race for Congress.

Bishop has been in Congress for both Republican Presidents and Democratic Presidents, as well as Republican-controlled Congresses and Democratic-controlled Congresses.

During Rep. Bishop's nearly 10 years in Washington, the economic and fiscal health of the country has deteriorated, while the popularity ratings of Congress' have plummeted along with it.

On Congressman Bishop's watch, over 40,000 more Long Islanders have become unemployed according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On Congressman Bishop's watch, the national debt has grown from $6 trillion to $16 trillion, and continues to rise with no end in sight.

On Congressman Bishop's watch, the federal government now spends over $1 trillion more than it takes in annually. It's so bad that during the last three years, Congress hasn't even bothered to pass a budget.

And while middle-class families, seniors and small businesses on Long Island have all struggled mightily, Congressman Bishop has collected a lucrative, taxpayer-funded congressional salary and lined his own pockets at our expense.

Embarrassingly, a leading independent watchdog group recently named Congressman Bishop – our Congressman – as 1 of the 12 most corrupt politicians in Washington, while Newsday has called for him to be investigated for an explosive pay-to-play scandal.

Does anyone think that things will change if Congressman Bishop is re-elected this November?

Does anyone think that career politicians like Congressman Bishop can clean up the mess in Washington that they helped to create?

I don't think so.

We need a new direction for Suffolk County, and we need real change in Washington. If you want to change Congress, you need to start by changing your Congressman. With your support, I will take my experience as a self-made businessman to Congress and work with people in both parties to reduce the tax burden on Long Islanders, create good-paying jobs and get our economy growing again.

I urge you to read my specific, 10-point jobs plan at and I respectfully ask for your support on November 6th.


Business Oriented

Dear Rick,

To investigate why the economy west of the canal might be "less sought after," it might be of interest to compare horse farming west and east of the Canal. A businessperson like Randy Altschuler would understand this analysis. An individual involved in real estate west of the Canal filed a special exception "to breed and board horses" on 30 acres.

After receiving approval the individual advertised the farm would host a polo club. The Town disallowed the polo club not because polo wasn't allowed but because the application failed to reflect that usage. Failure to properly describe usage prevents planning board members and neighbors from having a fair opportunity to review and comment on an application.

The polo club decided to move to a larger 65-acre parcel east of the Canal and filed an application to "breed and stable horses" and "to play polo." The Town rejected the polo usage. However, because the application had integrity club members could sue to play polo, they did, and they won. The farm west of the Canal was sold.

Therefore it can be concluded that talent west of the Canal is different from east of the Canal. Even though the polo club sought a larger parcel on which to operate, the developer west of the Canal subdivided the 30 acres into a smaller horse farm and a full-scale housing development. This housing development contributed to flooding on the street.

The Highway Department received funding to mitigate the flooding. However, by relying on one study among several conflicting studies, by not analyzing land use in the area, and by not discussing street flooding with property owners, a new recharge basin was built that, because of its location, serves no purpose and really doesn't completely mitigate flooding.

Unfortunately, this eyesore was built right along the horse farm's only main street frontage. I believe a business-oriented manager would never have spent so much on any project without thorough research.


Toe The Line

Dear Rick,

Thank God for pastors like Donald Havrilla of the Southampton Full Gospel Church in Southampton! His letter to the editor hits the nail on the head! Our country's greatest need in the midst of this spiritual/moral crisis we are in is for repentance and a turn to the Lord. A part of that repentance is to give those elected officials who have declared war against God in their policies, their 'walking papers.' Pastor Havrilla is 100 percent correct in calling for Mr. Bishop's defeat this November 6.

Is Mr. Bishop aware that the Bible clearly and repeatedly declares homosexuality a sin? Is Mr. Bishop aware that God-ordained heterosexual marriage is the foundational unit that anchors a society? Does he know that homosexuality was (and still is considered by some) considered a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Assoc. prior to 1973? Does he realize that homosexual conduct (sodomy) was illegal in all 50 states prior to 1960?

Does he really want our schools, libraries, public institutions and popular culture to advocate for homosexual conduct and marriage? Furthermore, on what logical basis does the Congressman say no to those who want to legalize marriage between brothers/sisters, polygamy, and the like? Though I'm shocked he would endorse such evil behavior in a church, this seems to be a pattern with this Congressman.

Mr. Bishop supports abortion, even using our tax dollars to perform these murders! He supports taxation plans and 'welfare' programs that continue to drive up our national debt, while providing hand-outs for people who in many cases should not be receiving such assistance. The civil government should not be encroaching on individual, family and church responsibilities of providing for needs. When the civil government hijacks these responsibilities, the identity of such entities are compromised often to the point of irrelevance.

Perhaps that explains why there is such an identity crisis today amongst individuals, families and in our churches! Simply put, Mr. Bishop toes the Democratic party line with its damaging and sinful policies. The choice in this election is clear, may the voters in the 1st CD do what is right this Nov. 6th.




Dear Editor,

This Saturday, Oct 6th at 4 pm there will be a free movie screening for our community at the Montauk Movie Theatre. "The City Dark" was partly filmed in Montauk and is a very entertaining documentary about the disappearing night sky due to the incursion of artificial light. The filmmaker (and astronomer), Ian Cheney will be here to participate in a Q & A after the film.

The night of the screening (after the Montauk fireworks) there will be a free STARGAZING PARTY at the Montauk County Park. Bring your telescopes and the family!


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