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June 21, 2017

Beach Volleyball: A Game Of Open Possibilities

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Some fitness and wellness activities don't require a single location. As summer officially sets in, being outdoors has never felt so good, especially after the seemingly endless New York winter. It's time to break free of those four walls and head to the beach. With so many activities, it can actually be your seasonal gym. And volleyball is one of numerous beach workouts that's simple to prepare and fun. While you can join a seasonal league, sometimes a spontaneous game is better suited for lazy, hazy weekends. Some perks of the game:

You Can Play Anywhere

No shirt? No shoes? No problem! Grabbing a beach volleyball (typically under $10) and your own net (which range in price depending on how serious you plan to be) allows you the freedom to post up anywhere there's sand. Or go netless and toss things up for fun. As Long Islanders, we're fortunate to have the sand all around us!

You Don't Need Many People

It takes two to tango but it also only takes two to volley. A typical game is played with up to six players per team. The more the merrier! It's also a great way to socialize and meet new people.

It Has Physical Advantages

Since sand isn't as sturdy as a flat surface, the constant shifting causes a number of physical benefits; balance improvement, body control, lower leg and foot strength, increased agility, and you can burn up to 585 calories in only 45 minutes (according to FitnessHealthZone.com).

It Feels Like a Vacation

What other land-based sport allows you to play in a bathing suit? Slather on that SPF -- it's completely acceptable to play in swimwear to soak up those additional rays. The sunshine provides vitamin D which can decrease depression and the sand is a natural exfoliant.

Once you've properly exhausted yourself, kudos to a workout well done. Now go jump in the ocean. You've earned it!

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