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December 11, 2013

A Look Back

By the time you read this Fantasy Football 2013 will be but a memory, with the regular season over and the playoffs underway.

Let's take a look back and see how we did: back in August we tabbed Danny Woodhead and Shane Vereen as deep sleepers – that was a good thing. We also recommended Tavon Austin who was a major bust until four weeks ago. Now he's one of the most explosive players in the league.

On August 28 we touted Giovanni Bernard and Le'Veon Bell as the best rookie running backs, and so they were, along with Eddie Lacy. In the same column we pushed Josh Gordon and Chris Givens – as it turns out Givens didn't amount to much but Gordon emerged as the top-ranked receiver in all of football.

OK, it wasn't all roses. We predicted Tennessee would have a top-ranked defense – Denver scored 51 points off of the Titans on Sunday night! We also suggested picking up Kenbrell Thompkins, and the kid kind of fell off the map after Week Five.

We figured out Keenan Allen was going to emerge big time in San Diego around Week Five. If you took our advice he really helped your team. However, to be fair, a lot of the "wise guys" were touting him during the drafts and I wasn't one of them.

In October we wrote that Josh McCown would prove to be the best of the potential quarterback pick-ups, and I was right. We also predicted the Carolina defense would come on, and that a relative unknown, Jarret Boykin, would become an effective wide receiver for Green Bay, and he did. (OK, OK, I also like Jonathan Franklin, the Packers' running back – he scored exactly one touchdown before injuring himself.)

As we do every year, we pointed out during the summer that to win you had to break the mold on draft day – almost every draft follows the same form: we pick the best players from the previous year. Don't do that! For example, among the top 10 rated running backs, as rated by ESPN, #2 Arian Foster, #5 Trent Richardson, and #6 Doug Martin are all out for the season with injuries. Both C.J. Spiller and Ray Rice, ranked 7 and 8, were major disappointments. Knowshon Moreno was 54th! Zach Stacey wasn't on anyone's list.

This year's top rated back, Sean McCoy, was rated 9th. Reggie Bush was 17th. Had you been thinking outside the box and grabbed a guy like Stacey or Gordon you'd be sitting pretty right now. And speaking of regrets, what round did Peyton Manning go in in your draft? Fourth? Fifth? Imagine if you had taken him just one pick sooner!

It's not completely over – there are still a lot of playoff-themed Fantasy games, and of course the daily games. The truth is, before we know it, we will be in Fantasy wasteland, with only basketball and hockey on the agenda.

Despair not! Baseball drafts will begin in early March.

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